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Friday, June 5, 2009

TiVo It: "Next Food Network Star" and "Top Chef Masters"

Summer’s a time for indulgence — watermelon all over the face, more corn on the cob than humans should be allowed to consume, and all sorts of festival and church picnic concoctions that have been repeatedly deep fried or doused with powdered sugar and chocolate sauce.

Summer TV should be no different, which is why Food Network rolls out its biggest reality competition at a time when viewers are looking to unbuckle the ol’ belt and sink into the couch after a hard day’s face stuffing.

Like ‘Top Chef,” “The Next Food Network Star” places amateurs squarely into the fire by testing their culinary chops. Yet because the 10 finalists are also competing for their own Food Network show, they have to be comfy on camera — so smile while dicing those onions, please!

“Next” already discovered one of the network’s biggest stars in TGI Friday’s pitchman Guy Fieri (“Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives,” pictured at right). And as Adam Gertler (“Will Work For Food”) proved last season, even a runner-up can trump the winner over time (Aaron McCargo who?).

Network everyman Bobby Flay heads the judging panel and heavy-hitters like Rachael Ray, Emeril Lagasse and The Barefoot Contessa are expected to toss a few spicy ingredients into this boiling reality stew.

“The Next Food Network Star” premieres at 8 p.m. Sunday on Food Network.

— Thomas Rozwadowski,

Foodies and “Top Chef” fans, it’s OK to salivate over the new spin-off premiering on Bravo.

“Top Chef Masters” takes core elements of its parent show — Quickfire Challenges and all — then adds a dash of unpredictability by having well-known chefs compete against each other for $100,000 to their favorite charity.

These contestants aren’t yokels who can’t make rice. They’re chefs like Roy Yamaguchi and Hubert Keller with multiple restaurants that get top billing in Zagat and the New York Times.

So how will they react to quirky challenges like using ingredients found in vending machines for a dish or the pressure of the “Top Chef” clock?

Watch “Top Chef Masters” at 9 p.m. Wednesday to find out.

— Malavika Jagannathan,

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who is the guy that looks like fabio crossed with sean connery?

By Anonymous Anonymous, At June 5, 2009 at 5:22 PM  

Foods will look delicious on dish network via food network.

By Blogger chankansin, At April 15, 2010 at 5:52 AM  

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