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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

TV Potpourri: "Project Runway" and "Mad Men" return in August

Making it Work on Lifetime

Mark Aug. 20 on your calendars. Just do it. That's when the lost season of "Project Runway" premieres on Lifetime. Sure, it's not exactly what we're used to what with L.A as its backdrop, Garnier as its haircare sponsor and Neenah Gahcia's new mag Marie Claire substituting for Elle. Who cares? As long as it's back and I no longer have to watch "The Fashion Show" to get my couture kicks, I'll watch "Project Runway" set in Baghdad.

Entertainment Weekly chronicles the journey of Season 6, from the courtroom to the August premiere on Lifetime, in its latest issue. A few insights include news about the half-hour spinoff that will air each week after "Runway" from the perspective of the models called "Models of the Runway." With L.A. as the new home -- future seasons will jump between the City of Angels and the Big Apple -- expect to see more celebrity judges, including Lindsay Lohan who will be judging the "Dress for DUI Success" episode. Kidding.

On the shift to the West Coast, Tim Gunn is quoted as saying: "Los Angeles is indisputably the home of the red carpet. It's the home of film and television costume, and it has a celebrity dimension that New York doesn't have. Watching the first elimination this season, I thought, Wow, we should be here.''

Like I said, could be Baghdad and I'd still watch.

"Mad Men" Season 3

If you watched the finale of "Breaking Bad" on AMC Sunday night, you caught a new 30-second promo for Season 3 of "Mad Men." Also set to air in August, this season of the award-winning drama may skip a couple years to the future because creator Matthew Weiner has said before he didn't want to tackle the Kennedy Assassination in 1963. (Weiner told Star-Ledger critic Alan Sepinwall that "the Kennedy assassination is very well-trod territory, and I just don't see myself adding to that").

I know summer just started (sort of), but can it be August already??

--Malavika Jagannathan,

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