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Monday, June 1, 2009

Lauren Bids Farewell to "Hills"

Lauren “LC” Conrad said goodbye to “The Hills” Sunday night and left the door wide open for new drama.

Even though most of the world already saw photos, read about the details and knew all the spoilers before Sunday night’s season finale of “The Hills,” there were still a few surprises in store for viewers. First of all, Kristin Cavallari, aka: the Laguna Beotch, is back. It was so obvious – and yet, I didn’t see it coming. During the overhyped and nauseating nuptials of Heidi and Spencer, the famed LC foe returned … of course making a dramatic entrance and walking in late. All eyes were on the Laguna “actress” (who once said she was acting a role on “Laguna Beach” to defend her catty ways and pretend she really isn’t that evil) as she took her seat next to Audrina’s ex Justin. How convenient. Those scriptwriters on “The Hills” really wrote in a doozy of a plot twist.

So naturally, all of you wondering what will happen to “The Hills” now that LC is turning the cameras off her life? Have no fear, it seems there will be plenty o’ drama on the horizon as MTV replaces Lauren with Kristin. (You know, kind of like when a soap opera star leaves a show and they just switch her character out with someone who kind of looks like the original … and then never address the fact that there’s a different actress on the show. Good stuff.) Of course, putting Kristin right next to Justin was no coincidence — previews for this new “Hills” season show the two moving quickly past wedding introductions and stirring up all sorts of drama with Audrina and gang.

I, for one, have no interest in following this new chapter in “The Hills” and can finally say I will stop watching television’s most crafted reality series. Replacing LC with Kristin is a bad move and really, watching Miss Cavallari’s antics would probably raise my blood pressure. MTV already has her pairing up with Stacie the Bartender, the "homewrecker" that brought Speidi to therapy. I mean, seriously, does MTV have an ad somewhere asking for pretty girls with no morals that are willing to stir the pot? These new "Hills" previews are enough to turn my stomach and even after a few years have passed, I’m still not ready to see Kristin’s face again — or the sight of her evil, maniacal laughing. We'll see if she tries to pull the "I'm acting a role" card again after she takes Spencer's place and is crowned the worst person to roam "The Hills." (Also, was it just me or did MTV screw up anyone else’s sound? There was a stellar moment in the finale when the sound went out and instead we heard MTV’s Movie Awards’ host live from the red carpet. Well done, guys.)

Anyway, beyond the Kristin drama, the rest of the finale was a bit ho-hum for me. Speidi’s wedding plans were a bit too contrived and annoying — yes, even for “The Hills” — and the will-she-won’t-she of Lauren’s eventual appearance at the wedding was so overplayed. Plus it just didn’t feel like a finale for Lauren. I suppose in typical MTV fashion the importance lies in the “reeling viewers back for next season” but really, by the end of it I was left asking “That’s it?”
It’ll be interesting to see how they continue the show next season and film all of Lauren’s friends but not her. But for this Channel Surfer, not interesting enough to tune in.

Sara Boyd,

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