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Thursday, May 21, 2009

The visitors are coming ... and they have a trailer

A few months back, we told you about ABC's efforts to revive the '80s era sci-fi miniseries "V" with a new series. And then we promptly forgot about it. (Hey, "Lost" was on.) Every now and then it's blipped back up on the radar, but only when it crossed paths with "Lost" — like when it was announced that Elizabeth Mitchell (the maybe dead but definitely hot Juliet) had been cast in the pilot.

During Tuesday's ABC upfront — you know, the meeting where network hacks show off previews of their fall season to advertising stooges — they debuted a nearly three-minute trailer for the spanking-new "V," and I gotta say, it looks pretty decent. Mitchell is still in action-mama mode as an FBI agent and mother, and "Firefly" veteran Morena Baccarin's lovely countenance hangs over an entire friggin' city on the belly of a spaceship as one of the head aliens. "Party of Five's" Scott Wolf (hey, Matthew Fox was on "Party of Five," too! That means this is going to be just as good as "Lost," right!? THEY BOTH HAVE LAST NAMES OF WILD DOGS!) also stars as a young buck TV reporter.

The trailer isn't that careful about not giving too much of the plot away (although of course the aliens have ulterior motives and of course they're going to be giant slimy lizards under that fake human skin — doy), and it's not clear if anything about this remake is going to be different from the original, not to mention how they're going to stretch it into a series. Still, I'm officially looking forward to it.

According to Variety, "V" is set for a midseason bow. No prizes for guessing which show they're going to pair it with.

Adam Reinhard,

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