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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Who Will Win?

It's a week full of finales ... and it's coming our way. And it's not just show finales we're talking about, but finales where YOU, the American viewing public get to vote for the winner! Hooray, democracy!

So we want to know ... who are you voting for?

American Idol
Adam Lambert ...

Sometimes referred to as Lamby Lamb, Adam is mostly shown by tonsils only. He beat out the Gokester, but can he win when most 15-year-old girls are still confused by his sexual preference?

or Kris Allen?

He spells his name with a 'K.' He's most likely second cousin's with Mickey Mouse. And I'm not sure, but I think he's like 4'3". Kris' dad cries. A lot. And with contestants like David Archuleta, we've seen what a weird dad can do to an "American Idol" finalist.

Dancing with the Stars

Gilles and Cheryl ...

or Shawn and Mark ...

or Melissa and Tony?

Who do you want to win? Tell us now!

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