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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

How do you solve a problem like "24's'' Kimbo?

Here we are in Day 7, and Kimbo is STILL managing to muck things up for "Daddy.'' Seriously, where's that notorious shark-jumping cougar when you need it?

With two hours to go on what has been an outstanding season of "24,'' the bio weapon is out of the equation and Jack's daughter is back in it. Guess which one is more dangerous.

While the writers have seemingly made an attempt to tone down her annoyance factor -- she has a husband and baby at home and now reads (who knew?!) Parents magazine in airport terminals -- for longtime fans, it's the same ol' Kimbo. Or as a fellow "24'' friend refers to her as, "OOTCTSHKOBD'' (One Of Those Characters They Should Have Killed Off But Didn't).

She could've stuck around to save her dad's life with that experimental procedure that would've stopped the fatal effects from his exposure to the bio weapon, but when he refused her help, she just breezed out and was on her way. That's our Kimbo.

But now Tony's evil crew has set their sights on her ... except she doesn't know it. It turns out that nice couple from Glendale, Calif., who befriended her at the airport are baddies. Major creepy points last night for making us squirm when the college prof-looking hubby went on a coffee run, only to stop in the bathroom and strangle the man Jack had keeping protective watch on his daughter. Didn't see that coming. (Other best creepy moment of the night: When Jibraan was in the subway station and went up to a cop to tell him about the terrorist plot he was being forced to carry out, only to have the cop tell him: ''Put the earpiece back in.'' Dirty cop!!!)

The baddies have since alerted Jack that his daughter is within arm's reach, and unless he wants her to die (see OOTCTSHKOBD above), he'll help Tony break free of FBI custody, even if it means harming our favorite FBI agent who is not Larry Moss, Freckles. Talk about a tight spot to be in -- especially when your seizure medication is no longer working.

But for as utterly evil as a battered and bloodied Tony -- nice going, Jack (and way to keep the headbutts for real life) -- looked in the back of the squad car -- with his sinister side-winder vision working OT -- dare I say I'm ready for Jack to just off him already? That Carlos Bernard has been able to take our beloved Tony Almeida from Jack's longtime right-hand man to believable villain Tony Almeanie is one of the primary reasons this season has resurrected the show. Forget Cherry Jones as the Prez, give the Emmy to him.

Meanwhile, back at the White House, the delicate flower who is the First Daughter seems to be in a full-blown tiz now that investigations have begun into the demise of JoHo. Having ordered the hit before changing her mind and trying to stop it, she's convinced she's responsible. I'm not. Seems to me the dude she went AWOL last night to meet is playing her. He convinced her he can wipe away all her incriminating communications on her laptop and cell -- stupid move to begin with for somebody who is Chief of Staff -- but she better get the hit man his promised money ... or else. Now that she finally transferred the $250,000 in funds last night, she looks responsible, even if she wasn't. Poor bitchy Olivia.

It turns out our boy Aaron was doing more than just saying "Yes, mam'' and opening doors for her the last couple of hours. He's grown suspicious and is onto some tech equipment that would've recorded her conversations within the White House. Ethan's popping over to help him access it. Judging by next week's previews, the Prez finds out about her daughter and must make a decision on whether to cover it up or let her take the fall. Decisions, decisions.

Nice awkwardly tender embrace between Freckles and Jack last night. But not as touching as when Jack looked at Tony -- after beating the living crap out of him -- and asked him, "Why did you betray me?'' No answer. It's the story of Jack's life -- one betrayal and fallen friend after another. You've got to feel for the man. Who next, Chloe?

Next week brings us the two-hour season finale. Something tells me the fact that we learned Kimbo's husband is a doctor will play into things. Also have a feeling that Kimbo's cell phone battery going dead will come back to bite her. On a show where nobody's cell phone EVER goes dead, leave it to Kimbo to have that problem. (See OOTCTSHKOBD above.)

But who knows, will ever-the-victim Kimbo finally do something right and be the one to save her Daddy this time? Or will Tony save Kimbo and redeem himself? Or will Jack be forced to do the unthinkable and kill Tony? And by the way, is Jack really sick?

Wherever things take us, as Tony told Jibraan, "We'll be watching. We're always watching.''

-- Kendra Meinert,



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