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Friday, May 29, 2009

Will the real Slim Charles please stand up?

Oh man, I totally just revealed how big a "Wire" geek I am with that title.

Then again, it turns out I'm not alone. posted a fun report on Eminem's obsession with "The Wire" (who knew he had something in common with Barack Obama?) and how Dominic West, who played Jimmy McNulty, is the first voice heard on Slim Shady's new album, "Relapse."

Now, I don't plan on buying "Relapse." I don't even plan on hearing "Relapse." But anyone who goes out of his way to include Dominic West on an album (yes, you're forgiven for "Punisher: War Zone," Dom) earns some serious props from this "Wire" fanatic.

"He's an obsessive fan of "The Wire," which is quite encouraging," West told EW. "He's seen the whole lot four times, he told me the other day!"

This month, West and Eminem also met in person while Em was in the U.K. taping television appearances.

"We had a good chat," West said. "Clarke Peters, the guy who plays Lester Freamon in 'The Wire' came out as well, so we talked 'Wire' all night ... The directors and writers of "The Wire" would always put in little bits and pieces that only the most vigilant viewers would notice. Marshall got them all."

So, Eminem is two full viewings ahead of me when it comes to television's all-time greatest show. But is he a "Breaking Bad" fan ... because then I just might have to write him a "Stan"-like fan letter after all.

-- Thomas Rozwadowski,



I've never been an Eminem fan... but he just earned some real credibility as a human being with me (I'll try to forgive all the domestic abuse stuff). I wonder if McNulty would be an Eminem fan.


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