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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Timeout again! It's the return of 'Futurama'!!

As if further proof was needed that you should never underestimate the influence of fanboys and frat boys alike, Comedy Central has decided to order new episodes of the almost-great-but-mostly-just-very-good Matt Groening sci-fi cartoon "Futurama," based on the popularity of reruns and the airing of four made-for-DVD movies.

Never a huge "Futurama" fan myself -- the writing always seemed like second-tier "Simpsons" material, the jokes hitting maybe 60% of the time -- I'm still stoked at the prospect of more Fry, Bender, Leela and Dr. Zoidberg ("I wasn't wearing it. I was eating it.") If it wasn't the funniest show ever, it did boast excellent voice work -- including the incomparable Billy West and Katey Sagal -- and a big ol' heart, as evident in probably the saddest episode of any show ever, "Jurassic Bark." (If you know which episode I'm talking about, you're crying already.)

In resurrecting the futuristic show, Comedy Central is following the trend started by Fox, when that network brought back "Family Guy" in 2005, following a three-year absence. "Futurama" has been dead even longer -- seven years -- making the comeback even more impressive. Here's hoping the same happens with the in-fact-great "King of the Hill" somewhere down the line.

Comedy Central has ordered 26 new episodes, to begin airing in 2010.

-Adam Reinhard,

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