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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

"Top Chef" Power Rankings: Jamie Needs a Tanner Family Hug

Tag. I'm back in.

After Kelly McBride so splendidly served as a pinch-hitter during last week's Commercial Interruption -- I'd like to say it was a pile of work keeping me away, but really, I was just embarrassed that I picked Jamie as my chef du jour -- it's onto another week of Pow-Pow-Power Rankings!

First Dilido Jeff. Now DJamie Tanner.

Maybe you had Hosea and Fabio ranked higher than they deserved to be, but on wow factor alone, it appeared our two fallen friends were the best threats to topple the Bald Baby Maker. Now? Well, it's clearly Stefan's contest to lose.

Donna Jo's apathy was clear mid-episode when she continually yawned her way through lunch with Frenchy Frencherson. After they showed our guest judge making the rounds -- without a not-so-subtle stop at Jamie's cooking station for some expert advice -- well, we knew it was the end of Team Rainbow.

(For the record, can anyone name the other two members of Team Rainbow? Wow, what a lame group.)

Also, kudos to ACon for being the only person to put Jamie at the bottom. And what is with Boyd and Adam? Are you guys joined at the hip? Break the tie already!

Onto this week's rankings ... which like Stefan, see Kelly pulling further and further ahead of the pack. But don't let that discourage you. You wouldn't want to quit mid-competition like Leah da Ho, would you?

First place, 29 points

1. Stefan the Magnificant
2. Fabio the Eeeetallion Stallion (if his hand isn't severed)
3. Leah da Ho
4. Ho da Ho
5. Crazy Eyes Carla

-- Friend of Channel Surfing, Kelly McBride,

Second place, 19 points

1. Stefan
2. Hosea
3. Faaaaaaaaaabio
4. Crazy Eyes Carla
5. Leah

-- Thomas Rozwadowski,

Third place, 18 points (tie)

1. Stefan
2. Hosea
3. Carla
4. Fabio
5. Leah

-- Adam Reinhard,

1. Ho-ho-Ho-sea, Ho-ho-ho-ho, Ho-ho-Ho-sea ... the right stuff (NKOTB, bring it!)
2. Stefan-ie Tanner (I refuse to give up our Full House references just because Jamie's gone)
3. Crazy Eyes, ostrich-spawn Carla
4. I quit, I give up, I can't take it anymore Leah
5. Eeeeets-a-meee, Faaaaabio, minus a finger!

-- Sara Boyd,

Fourth place, 16 points

1. Stefan
2. Fabio
3. Carla
4. Hosea
5. Leah

-- Malavika Jagannathan,

Others contributing to this splendid "Top Chef" stew: Ms. Quarter, 13 points; ACon, 12 points; Dusty, 7 points; Dilido Fan, 2 points

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Let's see if I can pull myself out of last place ...

1. Stefan
2. Hosea
3. Carla
4. Fabio
5. Leah

By Anonymous Dilido Fan, At February 11, 2009 at 2:30 PM  

1. Stefan - it's like when I tell my students they have an A at the beginning of the semester and it's theirs to lose
2. Fabio - Bravo just put in the finger bit to throw us off
3. Hosea - let's see if we can have a final four sausage fest (see: Carla)
4. Carla - debatable if she's final four material. Also debatable if she's always been a woman.
5. Leah - not final four material

By Blogger Ms. Quarter, At February 11, 2009 at 4:38 PM  

Drawing names out of a hat again

1. Carla
2. Leah
3. Hosea
4. Stefan
5. Fabio

looks like i wont be getting any points.

By Blogger LivinLaVidaDusty, At February 11, 2009 at 8:03 PM  

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