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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Is "Red Dwarf" finally getting its smegging finale?

April 5, 1999.

That's when the last first-run episode of "Red Dwarf" aired in England. Almost 10 years ago.

This wouldn't be so vexing ... if that final episode hadn't been a cliffhanger that not only saw most of the cast literally disappear into thin air, but also the lone remaining character knee Death where the sun don't shine (also literally). As such, we few, loyal fans of the classic cult British sci-fi comedy have been left dangling like a tassel on one of Cat's fancy suit coats, desperately waiting for closure.

Rumors of a movie have been persistent but ultimately elusive, mostly kept alive by actor Robert Llewellyn, who played the free-willed but high-strung robot servant Kryten. It's from Llewellyn we get this latest bit of hope for future "Dwarf" adventures. During a visit to a PBS affiliate in Seattle (PBS has been airing "Red Dwarf" for well over a decade), Llewellyn told a small congregate of fans that he and the rest of the cast had gotten word that the BBC is planning a one-hour special episode, with filming to start this fall.

For even the most hopeful Dwarfer, though, this has to smell a bit like Lister's old sweat socks. First of all, there has been no confirmation from the BBC as of yet -- Llewellyn dropped this bombshell only yesterday -- and until the big wigs give confirmation, I remain dubious.

But maybe the most important thing is, it's 10 years later. The cast is 10 years older, 10 years fatter. It would be like "Seinfeld" filming a follow-up to their horrible series finale, catching up with a paunchy, balding, post-jail Jerry.

That said, I sure as smeg hope this happens. Boys from the Dwarf!

-- Adam Reinhard,


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