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Thursday, August 21, 2008

In other Rainn Wilson news ...

I haven't bothered to keep up on that "Free Jenna Fischer" nonsense. But as documented a few posts below, Rainn Wilson is making interview rounds for "The Rocker" and conducted a pretty fun Q&A with the AV Club.

Wilson talks about his new movie, about Dwight's motivations on "The Office," and how his character is different than say, Kramer on "Seinfeld."

Adam will also be happy to know that he (jokingly) confirms his role in the new "Office" spin-off.

"Yes, it stars me. It's called Schrute To Kill, and I'm a mercenary for hire like Blackwater, and I get into all kinds of comic misadventures all around the globe. So we'll be shooting a lot in Kabul."

Um, I'd totally watch that. But it's still no "Beet Goes On."

-- Thomas Rozwadowski,



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