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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

All Ben, all the time: A one-on-one with Michael Emerson

Hot on the heels of last week's amazing, Ben-centric "Lost" epsiode, Ain't It Cool News blogger Quint scored a major interview with the man himself, Michael Emerson. It's hard to read anything about Emerson with coming across the phrase "nicest guy you'll ever meet." Co-stars and show crew alike sing his praises, and remark on the sharp contrast between the actor and the character he plays: Shifty, scheming, sneaky Benjamin Linus.

In the spoiler-lite interview, which you can read right here, Emerson has to dance a little, careful not to reveal any big island secrets. And for the most part, he couldn't even if he wanted to, telling Quint that he sometimes gets scripts the day of shooting -- scripts that were only finished the night before. But hidden within his evasive, murky answers, a few tantalizing, pearls pop out.

POSSIBLE SPOILER ALERT. For example, when asked about Ben summoning the smoke monster last week, Emerson makes a seemingly casual comment about "balance" on the island, and how "for Ben to make a thing happen like that, there is also a price, I think, that he had to pay." He goes on to let this bomb drop: "Everyone who has power also pays a price. John Locke is going to pay a price."

I'm sorry, what's that? Locke's going to pay a price? How so? When? C'mon, Emerson, don't leave me hanging!

Overall it's a great interview with an actor who has become the standout in a ever-expanding ensemble cast. And we'll have to tune in tomorrow night to see if Ben or Locke start paying any prices...

-- Adam Reinhard,

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