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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Pardon our dust

Hey, everyone! You'll notice that our friendly mugs aren't smiling back at you on the right rail, and within the posts there are some weird hieroglyphics showing up, not to mention the dreaded non-picture with an "X" in it.

Yep, we're sorta in that Web site launch phase where the shuttle majestically takes off in the sky but then a giant hunk of metal rips off the side and comes crashing down to earth, almost impaling all of spectator row.

So while the people who get paid to tackle this technical stuff work out the kinks, we'll continue to post entries. It just won't be as pretty as we want it to be.

Please keep reading. And thanks for understanding.

-- The Channel Surfing staff

UPDATE! UPDATE! Thanks to the diligent work of Thomas and Malavika, the main page has been manually restored to a respectable level. Future posts should be fine photo and text-wise, but don't be alarmed by our archive. It's still a work-in-progress, and may be that way for a long time.


Thanks for restoring the photo of Top Chef contestant Ryan :)


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