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Monday, April 21, 2008

OMG! "Gossip Girl" is back!

It's been nearly three months without our beloved gossip queen, but finally, the backstabbing and scandals are back! "Gossip Girl" -- which last aired on Jan. 9 -- returns tonight at 7 p.m. on the CW. After last season's rocky end, it's anyone's guess as to what will happen next.

I should preface all of this with a bit of an explanation. "Gossip Girl," while aimed at an audience of 18 and younger, is relentlessly addictive. I, too, was once a nay-sayer ... questioning anyone 23 and older as to why they would waste their time (and seemingly knowledgeable brain) on such a cheap-thrilled show.

Then I saw one episode. As much as I would've liked to deny it, the show is just too damn good. I wouldn't go as far as quoting New York Magazine, which labeled the show, "Best. Show. Ever." But it is devilishly good and would definitely lure anyone who loves a good sex-filled drama with incredibly good looking 25-year-olds playing teenagers.

Now that we've clarified that, let's move on with the show. The last time we got our latest text message from "Gossip Girl," all hell was seemingly breaking loose. First it was a Serena pregnancy scare that turned into a Blair pregnancy scare matched with a love triangle unveiled to the entire high school -- OMG. Blair, dubbed the Queen B, has been dethroned after the scandal broke of her fling with Chuck, right before doing the deed with Nate. With everyone hating on Blair, what's a girl to do but flee the country? Before boarding her private jet, Serena stops Blair and convinces her to stay. Awwww. Blair realizes that maybe there is life beyond high school gossip -- phew, that was a close one.

Meanwhile, Serena gets ready for life with her new bro, in the form of Satan himself, Chuck. But this is no "Step-by-Step" family blending -- it's rich plus status equals happiness, right? Not exactly. After Serena's way-too-young-to-really-be-mom breaks Rufus' heart to save her daughter from playing with the lines of incest, it's unhappiness and appearance-only love all around. Life with Chuck will not be easy, but for our sake, it should be pretty entertaining. Also, rumors of a character coming out of the closet this season, I think, still point to Chuck. So really, Serena may be gaining more of a sister instead!

Other updates to know coming into the big return? Dan loves Serena, Serena loves Dan. Nate hates Chuck, Chuck hates everyone but Blair. Jenny moves up in the popularity quest and Nate is done-skees with Blair. Although, let's be honest, all of this will most likely change by the first 20 minutes of tonight's episode.

Tune in tonight to see what happens next as the gang regroups and gears up for five more episodes of drama-rama, richie-rich high school life.

-- Sara Boyd,



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