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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Commercial Interruption: Gassin' up the chopper for the "Lost" finale

(Ed. note: To ease up on the text block, we've broken our "Lost" discussion into two parts, with the first half below.)

Adam: Yeah, the repeating Horace dream struck me as odd, and almost reminds me of Rousseau's distress call -- playing over and over in hopes someone will hear it. Could it be the same thing with the dream? And if so, who's sending the message? Also, did you notice how Horace only sometimes had a bloody nose, possibly meaning he was only dead part of the time he and John were talking?

Claire's half-baked appearance was definitely disconcerting, until I thought, what if she's happy because she's at peace? And I don't mean at peace to mean dead, because I don't believe she is dead. I mean she knows all the secrets, because her Bill Cosby (yes, I am using Dr. Cosby's name interchangeably with "ghost dad") told her everything. How else could they share that knowing grin after John asked Christian how to save the island? That former goth chick knows what's up, I'm telling you.

Another thing I noticed, and I don't know how significant it is: When Keamy unlocks the secondary protocol from the safe -- the one supposedly revealing where Ben will go to hide when they "torch the island" -- the folder has a Dharma logo on the front. Is this proof that Widmore had something to do with Dharma? Has this been established before, and I just missed it? Do you think Keamy just meant they're going to tiki torch the island, and his soldiers are merely going to throw a big luau on the beach? Will Don Ho's ghost be there?

Also, I've got another wacky are-they-brothers match-up for you: Helicopter pilot Frank Lapidus ... and Red Green! "I'm not flying you back to that island, Keamy! Me and Harold have to get back to the Possum Lodge!" That's ALL I HEAR when that guy talks.

Thomas: So Claire's just going to sit there and not tell anyone what's going on? That seems cruel to the rest. Especially Sawyer. He's really been looking out for CLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIRE! CLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIRE!

Back to the Dharma logo. Yep, I caught that quick peek as well. It should serve as proof that Widmore has something to do with the "DI," and no, you didn't miss anything previously implying that connection (unless I did, too.) But it also appeared that Keamy knew exactly what was up with Ben's plans -- probably heading for the Orchid -- upon the island being roasted. That struck me as odd. Plus, Ben is supposedly out of the loop now that he has Alex's blood on his hands and the island decided to dish out a long-forgotten tumor. Yeah, I'm not buying that for one second, Linus! Anytime Locke has been in sole control, he quickly gets in over his head. Ben still knows what's up and is deliberately choosing to take a back seat so Locke can seal his fate. No way he suddenly becomes that selfless when last season he was willing to leave Locke in the Dharma skeleton hole because of a perceived threat. When Locke starts diving into mystical closets, only to come out an ashy mess, then I'll believe he's the chosen one.

Final thoughts: What do you think "moving the island" means and will Locke unknowingly keep the island out of future Jack's reach by following Jacob's orders? Do you think Ben already knows this? Also, tonight is part one of the three hour finale, and previews looks pretty enticing. What do you want to see happen, or at least resolved (we know the big coffin reveal is coming) before Season Five?

Adam: Yeah, Ben's "my time is over" is pure malarkey. The chess match -- or backgammon, if you prefer -- between Linus and Locke is far from over. Ben's got moves up his sleeves aplenty; he's merely beating a strategic retreat at the moment. In fact, the flash-forwards in "Shape of Things to Come" pretty much guarantee his continued importance to the island.

As for moving the island, I think the only inference to made from that is indeed some form of time travel. Obviously Locke can't swim underneath it and pick it up like Brandon Routh at the end of "Superman Returns," fly it a couple miles due south and hide it behind a cropping of seaweed. He's not a superhero. Although...that teacher did tell him he WASN'T a which John replied "Don't tell me what I can't do" ... so maybe ... nawww.

I think the time bubble that separates the island from the rest of reality must be controllable somehow, maybe somewhere in the Temple. Speaking of which, THAT'S what I'd really like to see in this finale -- that freaking Temple we keep hearing so much about. What does it look like? Who built it? Are they still around since they don't age? DO THEY ONLY HAVE EIGHT TOES!?! Oh man, I can't wait.

Spoiler clip from "There's No Place Like Home, Part One"

-- Thomas Rozwadowski,, Adam Reinhard,

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