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Monday, December 14, 2009

Early returns: "Best TV Show of the Decade" contest

Channel Surfing's "Best TV Show of the Decade" contest has been in full swing since Saturday. And so far, we're seeing passionate responses from readers who are either pulling for their favorite or highly irritated that we didn't include their program of choice in our field of 40.

Honestly, we could have picked 100 shows and it's almost a certainty that we still would've missed a few big ones from the past 10 years. Know this much: our Channel Surfers agonized over a lengthy master list before deciding that 40 wasn't watering down the field too much for readers.

That said, we appreciate any feedback you're giving us, and later this week, I'll be including a sample of e-mails and online comments from voters thus far.

Above all, check back here for obligatory updates as the online vote continues (the print ones should be rolling in later this week). So far, here are the front-runners (I'm keeping vote totals secret) after three days. We'll be using this info to declare a grand winner from readers along with our own tally of critical favorites at the conclusion of the contest in early January.

1. "House"
2. "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation"
3. "The Office" (US and UK)
4. "American Idol"
5. "30 Rock"
6. "The Sopranos"
7. "24"
8. "Desperate Housewives"
9. "How I Met Your Mother"
10. "Lost"

Not happy with reader picks so far? Let us know by leaving a comment, or better yet, go back online and give your favorite show a boost. Remember, you can vote once a day online until Dec. 31. Just placing a vote gives you a shot at our random drawing for an $850 La-Z-Boy recliner, plus food certificates from Coaches Corner and Rosati's Pizza.

Head to the main voting site at Green Bay Hub to see our photo gallery, vote and read the rules.

Stay tuned for more updates as the contest continues. And thanks to everyone for voting so far!

-- Thomas Rozwadowski,

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