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Friday, December 11, 2009

"Top Chef" aftermath: It's a tie!

Technically, rookie contestant Evan Siegle dominated Channel Surfing's second annual "Top Chef" Power Rankings. But fitting for a show based in Las Vegas, it's a harsh reality to learn that you're only as good as your last hand.

So while Evan's pick of Bryan Voltaggio was certainly a bold one, Mary Rozwadowski called his bluff and chose mean brother Michael to bring home the bacon.

Since everyone else picked Kevin (that'll teach us to pick with our hearts!), it's an unprecedented result for our Power Rankings tally. Thanks to Michael's victory, the 20 points vaulted Mary into a first place tie with Evan.

Hot dog. We have two weiners!

Also, so what if the jerk store called and they're running out of Michael Voltaggio? Today, that Tony Hawk look-a-like at right (uncomfortably posing like he's a member of the Backstreet Boys) is still celebrating his Wednesday night "Top Chef" victory.

With a commitment to creativity that knocked off his mopey, emotionless sibling and a choke-tastic Kevin (who couldn't even deliver on his trademark pork dish), Michael eked out a win during a somewhat less than stellar finale.

While the episode was solid in terms of the actual challenge, the addition of Michael and Bryan's mother -- particularly at the end during the deliberate Kevin send-away -- was a crummy made-for-TV move that made me question Bravo's motives the entire time. Also, while Ash proved a decent sous chef for Kevin, getting saddled with a crappy prep cook like Preeti really messed with Big Red's game early on.

Would it have been better to go with the usual track and have the last three sliced contestants serve as sous chefs? Or would that have screwed over the person who landed Robin?

Tough break, either way.

Regardless of our rooting interests in a Kevin victory, Michael certainly came to play this season. Congrats on his victory, and congrats to Evan and Mary for a shared victory. A Gladware gift basket for both of them.

Until next season.

-- Thomas Rozwadowski,

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