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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Two months until "Lost" comes back!!! (!)

February 2nd seems a long way off (we'll probably even be out of Afghanistan by then if my math is correct which it isn't). A lot can happen in two months. Sarah Palin could write four more books, for example. And while the wait for each new season of "Lost" just gets longer and longer, thank Jacob for this crazy-cool-and-then-crazy-some-more promo for the FINAL SEASON of "Lost," courtesy of Spanish network Cuatro.

The first thought that struck me watching this was, "Hey, that's not a backgammon board." Yes, the chess metaphor is a little cliched and heavy, and I probably could have done without the actual Hand of God (what is this, a Stephen King novel?) slamming down the statue of Anubis as if to say "Checkmate, humanity!" But gotta love the use of Radiohead's "Everything In Its Right Place," and the implications of phrases like "piece by piece, he puts them back in the box," or the tagline "The game begins and ends." (Wait, how can the game be beginning, when it's the last season? I don't get it. You don't think "Lost" is going to throw some nonlinear storytelling at us, do you?) (Sarcasm.) Meanwhile we get old footage of our heroes in search-mode (Locke), questioning-mode (Ben), shooty-mode (Sawyer), and sitting-on-the-beach-eating-fish-mode (Jacob and the other guy whose name probably isn't but probably is Esau.)

It's creepy, it's awesome, it's eminently rewatchable.

So yes, two months from today, "Lost" returns. Destinies will be fulfilled, and questions will be answered. And after it's done, I will sincerely miss these months of anticipation and wondering, and look back on them fondly. What other show keeps its audience so enthralled in rapt longing during hiatus? For my money, these two months can take all the time they want.

-- Adam Reinhard,



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