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Monday, November 16, 2009

"Remote Control" host Ken Ober dies at 52

Crummy news from the New York Times: Ken Ober, host of MTV's "Remote Control," has passed away from unknown complications. He was 52.

Ober, who grew up in Boston idolizing game show hosts like Bob Barker and Bob Eubanks, went on to host four game shows total, but is best known for his work on “Control." Created in 1987, the show was particularly groundbreaking because it was the first foray into non-music programming for the network whose foundation was 24-hours of non-stop videos.

"Control" also memorably launched the careers of Colin Quinn, Adam Sandler (see second clip below), Denis Leary and a really hot Kari Wuhrer. Cousin Flip, who used to laugh theme songs (see third clip) so contestants could guess them ... well, I'm not really sure what became of him. But as a wide-eyed youngster who was told not to watch MTV by his father (but did so anyway), it was my dream to appear on the show and nail every video on the wall of TV sets. Yes, even ones by Kajagoogoo and El DeBarge.

Ah, good memories. I raise my box of breakfast cereal and salute you, Ken Ober.

-- Thomas Rozwadowski,

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