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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Week 7: "Top Chef" Power Rankings

Sorry, Misogynist Mike. But not only did you get outlasted by two women, one of them (sadly) is Robin.

With a week off -- and Marcel's d-baggery on full display during the "All Stars Dinner" (seriously, how many lockers did that guy get stuffed into while in high school?) -- "Top Chef" is back with only six remaining contestants. As we've already mentioned, one of them is "Your Awfulness Is No Longer Amusing" Robin -- and frankly, we can't believe that's the case at this serious stage in the game.

Evan maintains his Power Rankings lead with 26 points, but with a little help from the Kevin Gillespie Sweep, Sara Boyd and Adam Reinhard are now nipping at his heels. How it all shakes out: Evan, 26; Ms. Q, 20; Boyd, 17; Adam, 16; T-Roz, 11; Mary, 11; MJ, 6; Kelly, 6.

Onto this week ...

1. Michael V.
2. Kevin Gillespie
3. Bryan V.
4. Jen Carroll
5. Eli Kirshtein
6. Robin Leventhal

-- Evan Siegle

1. Kevin Gillespie, aka: The Ginge
2. Michael Voltaggio, aka: Chef Slim Shady, aka: Tony Hawk
3. Bryan "I do not smile. ever." Voltaggio
4. Jennifer "I don't move my mouth when I talk" Carroll
5. Eli "Seriously Jewish" Kirshtein
6. Robin "Seriously, go away" Leventhal

-- Sara Boyd

1. Mike "Don't make me have to do your dessert for you" Voltaggio
2. Kevin "Tremble before my fearsome red beard of flaaaame!" Gillespie
3. Jen "If I want to pout myself out of this competition, that's my right" Carroll
4. Bryan "I'm the Luigi in this situation" Voltaggio
5. Eli "So much lack of talent in such a small frame" Kirshtein
6. Robin Leventhal. Period.

-- Adam Reinhard

1. Jen "Don't Call It a Comeback" Carroll
2. Kevin "Once Ate 130 Wings in an Hour" Gillespie
3. Michael "Picasso Was Also a Jerk" Voltaggio
4. Bryan "The Doormat Brother" Voltaggio
5. Eli "I Still Live With My Parents" Kirshtein
6. Robin "Either You Go or Punches Will Be Thrown" Leventhal

-- Thomas Rozwadowski

1. Bryan V.
2. Kevin
3. Mikey V.
4. Jenny Jen
5. Eli
6. Robin

-- Kelly McBride

1. Jen
2. Bryan
3. Kevin
4. Michael
5. Robin
6. Eli

-- Malavika Jagannathan



1. Bryan V.
2. Jen
3. Kevin
4. Michael V.
5. Robin
6. Eli

By Anonymous Mary, At November 11, 2009 at 12:22 PM  

So sad I missed this post! Gave up my rankings for half-price bottles of wine special at Envoy.

By Blogger Ms. Quarter, At November 12, 2009 at 7:46 PM  

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