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Friday, October 30, 2009

Favre footage that just might bring a smile to your face

I had a little fun at the expense of crazy Internet commenters earlier this week, but honestly, Brett Favre returning to Lambeau Field is a really big deal.

Even non-football fans stuck in Titletown this weekend would probably admit to at least some sense of morbid curiosity about Sunday's 3:15 game. That's because this perceived public blood feud goes beyond mere X's and O's. If it were a reality TV show, it'd probably be like the over-hyped, he said-she said drama of Jon and Kate Gosselin's divorce ... with helmets.

No matter where you stand in the Packers vs. Favre debate, one thing is abundantly clear. Seeing Favre in Vikings purple makes it really, really difficult to remember him in green and gold.

At first, the reverse was true -- no way Favre can pull off the purple, right? Now, with a few games under his belt, it seems like forever ago that the guy suited up in Packers colors.

Yet thanks to YouTube, you can dust off some old, cherished memories of No. 4 just "slingin' it like a kid" out there. I'm particularly a fan of this clip from Favre's 1992 comeback win against the Bengals -- the first installment in Favre mythology -- because it includes a post-game interview, probably the first Favre conducted as a pro.

Packers fans already know that Kitrick Taylor caught the dramatic touchdown heave. That Favre came in for an injured Don Majkowski and stayed in the starting lineup every single game after that. Heck, playing in his first game, then-first round pick Terrell Buckley even returned a punt for a touchdown -- which, to this 12-year-old Packers fan watching at home -- was the best thing about that day!

Also, to date this thing further, yup, that's O.J. freakin' Simpson in the NBC studio. Bob Costas even has to explain how to say Favre's name -- wow, what a novel concept, eh?

In other Favre-lous news, Patrick Ryan, a Wisconsin native who is currently going to school in Los Angeles, put together this YouTube video about the drama-laden Favre-Packers timeline. It's a pretty entertaining trek down memory lane -- complete with Greta interview clips!

Finally, former Packers fullback William Henderson has been making the talk radio and TV rounds this week. He's been one of the most emphatic in saying that once you wear Packers colors, you don't go to the enemy. In this clip from ESPN's "First Take," Henderson said he plans to "boo" Favre until his throat his sore. (OK, that was actually what Homer Simpson said in "Lisa on Ice," but the intent remains the same.)

Also, if you're interested, here's an interview I did with Sports Illustrated's Peter King, who also serves as a studio analyst for NBC's "Football Night in America."

-- Thomas Rozwadowski,



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