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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Week 5: "Top Chef" Power Rankings

What more can be said about Apathetic Ash?

A seemingly well-liked house mate with a good sense of humor throughout, Ash's blase nature these last few weeks also proved extremely annoying.

I mean, can you imagine being Biggie Smalls Ron or He-She Ashley and getting sent home before this kitchen clod? Two weeks in a row, Jim Gaffigan Jr. failed to put stock in his own meager abilities -- the final dagger coming after he admitted changing his dish at the last second -- again! -- only to use a Mike Isabella idea he was ill equipped to execute.

This when one of the judges labeled Laurine's dish "cat food."

You lost to cat food, dude. Not good.

Sadly, No-Confidence Ash seems resigned to playing second fiddle as sous chef for awhile. He's a classic case of "just happy to be here." Oh well, it's back to rinsing paintbrushes for you. Or heating up Hot Pockets.

As for this week's standings, Evan kept his hot streak going, but Ms. Q, despite a minor glitch in posting, isn't terribly far behind. The overall tally: Evan, 21; Ms. Q, 15; Boyd, 11; T-Roz, 11; MJ, 6; Kelly, 6; and Adam, 5.

1. Michael "Maverick" V.
2. Kevin "Grizzly" Gillespie
3. Bryan "Goose" V.
4. Jen Carroll
5. Michael "I'm a Tool" Isabella
6. Eli Kirshtein
7. Laurine Wickett
8. Robin Leventhal

-- Evan Siegle

1. Bryan "I do not smile. ever." Voltaggio
2. Jennifer "I don't move my mouth when I talk" Carroll
3. Kevin Gillespie, aka: Zach Galifianakis
4. Michael Voltaggio, aka: Chef Slim Shady, aka: Tony Hawk
5. Michael "Jagga bombs!" Isabella
6. Eli "Seriously Jewish" Kirshtein
7. The chick who's name I will NEVER remember (aka: Laurine)
8. Robin "Seriously, why are you still here???" Leventhal

-- Sara Boyd

1. Jen
2. Kevin
3. Michael V.
4. Bryan V.
5. Mike I.
6. Eli
7. Laurine
8. Robin

-- Thomas Rozwadowski

1. Bryan V.
2. Michael V.
3. Kevin
4. Jennifer
5. Mike Isabella
6. Laurine
7. Eli
8. Robin

-- Malavika Jagannathan

1. Mike I.
2. Jen
3. Kevin
4. Eli
5. Mike V.
6. Robin
7. Laurine
8. Bryan

-- Kelly McBride

1. Michael V.
2. Bryan
3. Jennifer
4. Kevin
5. Michael I.
6. Eli
7. Laurine
8. Robin

-- Adam Reinhard

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I'm really annoyed I missed last week's post. As I was watching I was thinking to myself, "Self, I hope Jen wins because she's who I woulda picked." Balls.

Restaurant Wars, no?

1. Bryan "So boring I don't deserve a nickname" Voltaggio
2. Kevin "Adams" Gillespie
3. Michael "equally as boring as my brother" V.
4. Eli "Fatty Costello" Kirshtein
5. Jen "Unclench your teeth when you talk" Carroll
6. Mike "D-Canoe" Isabella
7. Robin "Cancer Card" Leventhal
8. Laurine "Meow, I'm hungry" Wickett

By Blogger Ms. Quarter, At October 21, 2009 at 4:13 PM  

1. Jen
2. Kevin
3. Michael V.
4. Bryan V.
5. Mike I.
6. Eli
7. Laurine
8. Robin

I'm far too tired and smelly from the Y to actually put thought into this so, yes, i did just copy and paste Tom's picks. I figured they were already 50% mine anyway.

By Anonymous Mary, At October 21, 2009 at 7:55 PM  

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