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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

No new "Top Chef" this week, BUT ...


The return of Lisa, Doo-Rag Queen of the Damned!

That's right, folks. Our long national nightmare begins anew thanks to "Top Chef" taking another week off -- except this time, instead of showing a repeat from the previous week, Bravo unveils a brand-new all-star dinner featuring "fan-favorite contestants" from seasons past including, Fabio Viviani, Ilan Hall, Harold Dieterle, Dale Levitski, Marcel Vigneron, Tiffani Faison, Casey Thompson (hey, I thought she swore off "Top Chef?"), Richard Blais, Carla Hall, Hung Huynh, Stefan Richter and ... DUN, DUN, DUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN ... Lisa freakin' Fernandes.

Yeah,"fan-favorite" contestants. Clearly, the "Top Chef" powers-that-be have never read this little blog of ours.

The "Top Chef" All-Star Reunion Dinner airs at 9 p.m. Wednesday. Power rankings resume next week.

-- Thomas Rozwadowski,



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