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Monday, June 15, 2009

Summer DVD Club is back!

Ahh, summer. A time when the sun shines beyond 4 p.m., the temperature rises above 40 degrees, birds are singing, people are frolicking ... oh yeah, and television stations take a royal dump on their TV listings. It's such a beautiful time.

But don't fear, Channel Surfing has come up with a plan. Yes, we know summer is awesome. It's a time for pasty Midwesterners to douse themselves in aloe, climb trees, grill brats and drunkenly attempt cannonballs in backyard kiddie pools. But summer is also universally thought of as "catch-up" time for TV addicts.

So by no means are we encouraging just loafing on the couch during Wisconsin's brief window of summer splendor, but hey, you have to watch something, right? So we're bringing back our "Summer DVD Club" -- complete with our secret handshake, maybe a "nanoo-nanoo"-like greeting and absolutely NO BOYS ALLOWED. Ugh, OK fine, boys allowed.

The rules are simple: Pick a TV show on DVD you haven't watched -- but always wanted to -- and keep tabs on it throughout the summer. You know how we do things around here, so follow a similar mentality. Feel free to file reports by e-mailing us, and that's it, you're in the club.

You can write stray observations every three episodes. You can wait to finish an entire season. We're just looking for submissions and to expose readers (and our Channel Surfing staff) to more shows. As the weeks go by, we'll post your observations as well as our own. And that's it.

Welcome to the club!

-- The Channel Surfing staff,



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