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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Countdown to "Lost": Webisode wrap-up, part 3

Before I dive into the final three webisode recaps (no more after this, I swear!), here are a few links to some fine stories I found about the show and its fans. The first comes from the LA Times, and basically sums up in spirit what many fans are feeling: This season, we want some answers! To which questions, per se, the Times has the list right here. Next, the San Jose Mercury News has a very nice article about some very nice, rabid "Lost" fans. And finally, has some advance praise for tomorrow night's season premiere. ...As if we need prodding to tune in.

Now, in the words of Casey Kasem, on with the countdown:

Episode 11: "Jin Has a Temper-Tantrum on the Golf Course." This is the webisode that makes me wonder why none of these mini-shows featured Locke, Kate or Sawyer. Did those actors want too much money? Could the writers not think of any way to flesh out their characters in a two-minute arc? Because this particular webisode offers little new in the way of Jin's character. In it, Jin, Hurley and Michael are playing golf, and Jin misses a putt. Enraged, he unleashes a torrent of anger -- all in Korean, of course -- yelling about how no one can understand him, how much he hates the handcuff still digging into his wrist, and his profound loneliness on the island. All well and good, because at this point in Season 1, Jin was still portrayed as a jerk. But now we know he's a pretty good guy, and this insight into his psyche wasn't necessary. It does serve as a fine spotlight for Daniel Dae Kim, who has turned Jin into one of the most fascinating characters on "Lost." Island secrets: None.

Episode 12: "The Envelope" opens in the same way Season 3 began: Juliet at home, burning muffins. The doorbell rings, and in walks Amelia, a member of the book club. She asks Juliet why she's crying, and if Ben is the cause. Juliet denies that Ben has "told her how he feels," and that the reason she's upset is because, quote, "I think we're in big trouble." Amelia's face drops as Juliet reaches for a manila envelope hidden in her silverware drawer. Just as she's about to open it, the doorbell rings again, and the webisode ends. Island secrets: What's in the envelope? Are they Ben's X-rays? Or something even more shocking?

Episode 13: "So It Begins" is exactly what it sounds like. We pick up almost immediately after the crash, as Vincent is pawing his way through the jungle. He comes across a man in a suit, who is revealed to be Jack's father, Christian. He kneels down by Vincent, and asks the dog to find Jack and wake him up. As the pooch runs off, Christian whispers, "He's got work to do." Island secrets: What a fantastic end to the webisode series. Does this mean Christian is somehow alive and walking the island? Or does that fact that Vincent can see him support the idea that he's a ghost? I like to think it supports my theory that Jack is really an Other who had his memory altered and was left to die in the jungle. Think about it: Why did he wake up alone in the middle of the jungle when everyone else was on the beach? Huh? Huh?

Guess we'll just have to keep watching if we want any of these questions answered. Sounds good to me!

-- Adam Reinhard,

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