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Monday, January 28, 2008

Countdown to "Lost": Webisode wrap-up, part 1

The final installment of "Lost: Missing Pieces" -- the web series ABC has been cranking out in the interim between seasons -- debuted today for Verizon phone users, and boy is it a doozy. At least, it is if you're a "Lost" freak like me, and every little clip is like ambrosia from the gods. In case you haven't been keeping up, the "Missing Pieces" are short narratives involving the "Lost" castaways that fill gaps at varying points in the show's timeline. They were a long time in the making -- nearly two years -- a product of financial concerns and negotiations with the cast and crew.

Blah blah blah, the point is they freaking rock, and were a great way for fans to satiate themselves before the season four debut, which is -- woot! -- Thursday. So here's a quick breakdown of webisodes 1-6, which you can watch for yourself at

Episode 1: "The Watch" takes place as a flashback shortly before Jack's wedding. Jack's dad, Christian, gives Jack his watch and makes Jack promise to be a better dad than he was. Island secrets: None really, just a sweet moment between father and son.

Episode 2: "Hurley and Frogurt" sees our rotund Romeo scrabbling to find some wine for his picnic date with Libby. He's waylaid, however, by previously unseen castaway "Frogurt," and hilarity ensues. Island secrets: Michael is gunning Libby down in a panic as all this is happening.

Episode 3: "King of the Castle." As Jack and Ben play chess shortly after Ben's operation, they discuss Jack's impending departure from the island. Ben says there may come a day when Jack will want to return, to which Jack replies, "Never." Island secrets: Well, we all know how season 3 ended...

Episode 4: In "The Deal," Juliet visits a tied-up Michael in the Others' camp, sometime during Season 2. She tells him that Ben, who is being held captive by the castaways, is the one who can get him and Walt off the island. As she leaves, she says, "You have your list. Good luck." Island secrets: Juliet mentions spending time with Walt, and comments that he's a "special boy."

Episode 5: There's a big reveal in "Operation: Sleeper," when Juliet confesses to Jack that she's infiltrated the castaways on Ben's orders to identify any pregnant women. Jack feels betrayed, having believed she wanted off the island as much as he did. This is the moment where Jack's seemingly questionable trust in Juliet is cemented. Island secrets: Juliet says that if Sun does not leave the island in a month, she and her unborn baby will die.

Episode 6: "Room 23" is one freaky little webisode. The Others' compound is on red alert, and Juliet is confronting Ben about a problem with the "special" captive they have in Room 23. She says everyone is afraid to go in there, and that "he" has "done it again." When Ben argues that "he's just a kid," Juliet takes him outside, where there is a pile of dead birds outside Room 23's window. Island secrets: Ben claims he didn't want to kidnap Walt ... "Jacob did."

Check back tomorrow for a breakdown of episodes 7-13.

-- Adam Reinhard,

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