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Monday, January 21, 2008

The lone highlight of last night's game

I am not what you would call "a football fan." I do not, how do you say, "care" about the sport, nor do I follow it to any extent. But I root for the Packers to win because, hey, this is where I grew up, and the Packers have been good to this town (stadium tax notwithstanding.) I especially rooted for them this season, because A) it seemed so unlikely that they were doing so well, and B) because I hate those freaking cheating Patriots and want them destroyed.

So I watched last night's NFC Championship game. I wish I hadn't -- I wish I had merely curled up in bed and dreamed beautiful dreams about the "Cloverfield" monster attacking Gillette Stadium -- but that's beside the point. I watched it, and felt what I'm guessing was the common mix of emotions: "ARGH!" "YES!" "NOOOO!" "YOU SON OF A!" "GULP!" "%!#@!"

But before all that unpleasantness came the high point of the game, in the form most high points in football games appear: a beer commercial. This one was for Bud Light, which I wouldn't drink, because it tastes like, let's be fair, pee. But their commercials are usually top-notch. Who indeed can forget those stupid frogs, croaking out "Bud - weis - errrr," or those even even stupider jerks shrieking "WASSUP!" ad nauseam until you wanted to kill yourself.

The ad last night -- I don't know if it debuted last night, but it was the first time I had seen it -- was clever and stupid in the great beer-commercial tradition, and made me laugh even harder than the name "Plaxico Burress." Its concept was simple: Drinking Bud Light is not only refreshing, but now gives you the ability to talk to animals. This is demonstrated by a man asking his dog how his day was. The dog responds as you would expect a dog to respond to any question: by demanding sausages. Over and over. "Sausages! Sausages! Please, sausages! Sausage? Sausages!" It's a simple gag, but it was carried out beautifully.

Which is more than you could say for the Packers' game plan last night.

-- Adam Reinhard,

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