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Monday, November 12, 2007

Meet the bloggers: Kendra Meinert

When it comes to TV, I'm no junkie. Never had HBO. Never maxed out my TiVo memory. Not likely to burn a Saturday afternoon watching marathons of "A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila," "Full House" reruns or bad Tori Spelling/Tracey Gold/Valerie Bertinelli movies on Lifetime. But between all the commercials, screen crawls and obtrusive pop-ups, I do enjoy spending quality time with my beloved "idiot box." Give me a show with characters I care about, and I'm fiercely loyal. (I'm still watching "ER" for crying out loud.) It's not just the escape, it's TV's ability to connect all us watchers in the name of pop culture. Because what's more fun, talking about the weather around the water cooler or talking about how Marie Osmond dropped like a sack of potatoes on "Dancing with the Stars" last night?

All-time favorite TV shows: 24, Friends, Gilmore Girls, Felicity, Knots Landing, Beverly Hills, 90210
Current favorite shows: Ugly Betty, Dirty Sexy Money, Brothers and Sisters, Lost, Grey's Anatomy
Guilty pleasure: Did I really watch every episode of Rock of Love?
Go-to channel when there's absolutely nothing on: HGTV, where there's always someone with a yard or bathroom that looks way worse than yours.
All-time TV crush: Matthew Fox as Charlie Salinger on Party of Five - best TV guy crier ever.
Pick your all-time TV family: Pa Ingalls, Lorelai Gilmore, Ross Gellar, Jack Tripper, Alice the housekeeper and Lassie, with live-in aunt and uncle Sue Ellen Ewing and Dave Letterman
If you could be an extra on a TV show: 24, preferably in a scene with Tony Almeida
If you had to save one TV on DVD set from a burning building: Friends, if just for "The One with All the Resolutions" episode (the one with Ross and the leather pants)
Reality show you're not ashamed to admit you like: Dancing with the Stars
Favorite old-school show: The Brady Bunch. Ask me anything.
Show you are into that others could care less about: Living with Ed
Show others are into that you've never paid attention to (but wish you had): American Idol. On second thought, scratch that. Pretty sure ignorance is bliss where Paula Abdul is concerned.
Show you'll never forgive the network suits for canceling: Once & Again
Favorite TV-related Web site: Entertainment Weekly.

-- Kendra Meinert,

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Now I don't feel so bad for DVRing reruns of 90210 on SoapNet. I must not feel too great about it though, since I'm commenting as "anonymous" ...

By Anonymous Anonymous, At November 12, 2007 at 8:00 PM  

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