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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Because we love TV

If you think television is nothing more than a brain-melting time waster, nothing that's written in this space will likely change your mind. But few things can instantly lead to engrossing conversation like a great TV show, particularly among those who wouldn't have much in common if not for the exploits of famous fictional characters gracing the small screen - or you know, a shared love of watching someone defecate on Flavor Flav's carpet.

Ten-minute catch-up conversations the following day don't always get the rants and raves out of our system. Which is why a few Press-Gazette staffers figured it was time to devote a blog to TV shows - the good, the bad, "The Simple Life." Actually, we can promise you that there won't be any posts about "The Simple Life," but collectively, we hope to explore everything else, and somewhat regrettably, expose our guilty pleasures in the process.

So feel free to join the conversation and leave comments when appropriate. We'll try to post something new every day, and like a good TV show, hopefully become part of your regular routine.

Not in a dirty VH1 CelebReality kinda way. In a good way. Promise.

-- Thomas Rozwadowski,



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