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Monday, April 20, 2009

Punishment Pool: 'Noop Dogg is off the board

Good news on a dreary Monday.

Well, good news if your name is Thomas Rozwadowski and you want to avoid writing about "American Idol."

After losing Scott "Blind Willie" McIntyre in the "American Idol Punishment Pool That Seems to Only Affect Adam Reinhard," Thomas has luckily selected low-ranked Anoop Desai -- aka, The Token Indian Guy.

Adam -- who should have lost Matt Giraud last week, only to have the judges' swoop in and save him -- is still the favorite in this week's Power Rankings (which should get posted on later today.) Milwaukee's own Danny Gokey (Sara Boyd) might also play leapfrog because of Giraud's close call last week. It'll be neck and neck, folks. NECK AND NECK!

All we really know is that MJ is safe with Lil Rounds still wallowing near the bottom. And this Anoop guy ... he's also not a threat to jump a few slots ahead anytime soon. I mean, look at the above picture. Would you buy an album from that dude?


Most important, though: whoever loses someone next will have to sift through three remaining pieces of paper with the names Adam Lambert, Allison Iraheta and Kris Allen on them. And then it's finally game ... freakin' ... on.

-- The Channel Surfing staff

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