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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Punishment Pool: The Gods are smiling on Sara Boyd

Now, some of you may be asking, "So Channel Surfing, what's up with that 'American Idol Punishment Pool' post I've been promised each and every Wednesday?"


Well, it seems we're in the habit of writing more "Idol" updates than actual recap posts, and this week will be no different. Because Adam's Matt Giraud is a karaoke singing dynamo -- at least based on Michael Slezak's rankings -- Mr. Reinhard was poised to fall on the sword for a record THIRD STRAIGHT WEEK. That's right, folks. Not even Milwaukee's own Danny Gokey -- picked last week by Sara Boyd in a gesture we all thought meant certain doom -- could stop the Giraud Juggernaut. This week, the pair flipped the 4 and 5 spots, putting Giraud (and of course, Adam) ahead every single week of this competition.

One teensy-weensy problem. Adam is on furlough this week and could be in Costa Rica with Rod Blagojevich for all we know.

So, first Obama saves Adam. Now Gannett's craptastic employment practices swoop in. Nice.

In the interest of keeping everything fair for next Tuesday, this week is getting shelved and it's back to the Power Rankings drawing board. Boyd has Gokey, Adam has Giraud and MJ is still sporting Lil Rounds (at least until elimination tonight). Thomas grabs a new contestant this week.

Pretend like you care.

-- The Channel Surfing staff

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