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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Be our Facebook friend

We're slowly rockin' Twitter, and for awhile now, our bloggers have been doing their own thing on Facebook.

Well, in the most gratuitous way possible, we decided to become fans of ourselves by creating a Channel Surfing TV blog Facebook page. Sure, we're totally ashamed of this blatant attempt at self-promotion. But have you read the news lately? We need to feed the beast somehow.

Anyway, if Facebook is where you prefer to get your daily information blasts, we'll be posting blog updates there, as well. Consider it one stop shopping. And let's face it, reading us in multiple forms is far more productive than filling out a "Which 'Full House' character am I?" quiz.

Leave a comment. Rip on Malavika. Check us out, people.

-- The Channel Surfing staff



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