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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Should you watch "Parks and Recreation?"

It's the million dollar question for NBC Thursday night fans: Will Amy Poehler's new show "Parks and Recreation" be any good?

While we haven't seen the show and must wait along with the American viewing public to see it firsthand -- ugh, I hate the public -- your beloved Channel Surfing bloggers Sara Boyd and Malavika Jagannathan will attempt to give you reasons why you should or should not tune in tonight for its premiere on NBC.

Reason why:

1. Amy Poehler is pretty hilarious. Who doesn't love a spunky blonde that excels at characters with one leg that passes gas and then asks people if they're jealous. -- Sara

2. The show features Aziz Ansari who has previously played the racist fruit vendor from "Flight of the Conchords" and the equally hilarious nonchalant intern on "Scrubs." -- Malavika

3. A "Parks and Rec" commercial, featuring said previous racist fruit vendor, shows Ansari hoisting a large bra proudly in front of Poehler. Everyone knows big bras = big laughs. -- Sara

4. The show is created by the same guys who brought us "The Office." If you account for the genius of "The Office" in Season 2 alone, that's enough to make me watch. -- Malavika

5. Poehler's boss on the show is played by a guy named Ron, who has a mustache, hates the public and idolizes Bobby Knight. (Mustache + Guy named Ron + Hates public) x Bobby Knight = Funny. -- Sara

Reasons why not:

1. We write about municipal government, which can include meetings about the local park and recreation department. Two words: snore fest. -- Sara

(Malavika's note: Don't get us wrong, park and rec people are incredibly friendly, but on a whole, their jobs don't really scream comedy hit.)

(Sara's note: Unless you count the time a certain audience member fell asleep and began to snore at a certain board meeting, causing a certain parks employee to try and stiffle his school girl-like giggling.)

2. Aren't we over the whole mockumentary thing? Christopher Guest called and he wants to make a mockumentary about all the crews out there making mockumentaries. -- Malavika

3. Critics are giving this show pretty poor reviews, saying it mirrors "The Office" too much and Poehler's character Leslie is too "Michael Scott." Unless they have a parks employee that is Jim Halpert-cute that makes faces at the camera, I'm not sure it's worth it. -- Sara

4. There is no Jim Halpert, or as a focus group report put it -- no "datable male lead." -- Malavika

5. After they build a park ... then what? We have to watch them do it again? -- Sara

Catch "Parks and Recreation" tonight at 7:30 p.m. on NBC and come back Friday to tell us what you thought!

-- Sara Boyd, and Malavika Jagannathan,

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I don't like the show at all. Saw it twice. Not gonna make it - not because it doesn't have a dateable male lead - well maybe. But also I just don't like any of the characters. Zip. And the writing - well, it's awful.

By Anonymous Anonymous, At April 25, 2009 at 10:17 PM  

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