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Monday, January 12, 2009

"Conchords" tunes on demand

Season 2 of "Flight of the Conchords" returns Sunday, Sunday, Sundaaaaaay ... and well, we'd be much more excited if we hadn't already watched and reviewed the first episode.

For the sake of those who never got around to watching the Internet preview, we'll pretend to be just as excited as we were a few weeks ago (trust me, we were really, really excited).

Then again, we also have this "Conchords" related business to be giddy about.

New songs from "Conchords" episodes will be available the day after each fresh installment airs on HBO. An as-yet-untitled album featuring 10 tracks from the show plus five additional songs will be available April 14, shortly after the conclusion of the 10-episode season.

The first song, "Angels," goes live Jan. 19 on iTunes. Fans also can preorder the album through and receive one track per week.

According to a story from the Hollywood Reporter, "More than one of (the songs) leans on a '70s soul sound," Sub Pop head of A&R Tony Kiewel said. "I've also heard this choir-y sort of thing, a Meat Loaf-y sort of thing and a crazy top 40-type jam."

Regular readers will recall how we got a nice taste of the funky, new stylings back in May.

Another North American tour is being targeted for April or May of this year. Let's hope they make a return visit to Milwaukee so Drunk Girl in Row U can butcher Jemaine's name once again.

-- Thomas Rozwadowski,



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