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Friday, January 9, 2009

TV Potpourri: 'Gossip,' 'Runway' and 'Daisies'! Oh my!

Catch up on the latest and greatest in TV this week ... It's TV Potpourri! Mmm, springtime fresh!

“Look who’s coming?”
Gossip Girl” — Looks like Georgina is heading back to the upper eastside. Michelle Trachtenberg will be back as the manipulative ice queen later this season. Also, calling all hotties? “GG” is prowling the streets — er, modeling studios — looking for a cousin for Nate.

The yet-to-be-cast character is in his 20s and described as wealthy (duh!), confident (shocker!), politically minded (OK, you got me there) and extremely good-looking (yahoo!).

Cousin Kip Vanderbilt — yes, dead serious, that’s his name — will be arriving sometime this season. And sorry Queen B, this one’s married. Hmm, actually that probably wouldn’t stop you.

“Make it work”
“Project Runway” — Good news! It seems production for the sixth season of “PR” is moving right along. OK, so they still don’t know when, and er, where it will air but c’mon people, they’re filming! Woo! Papa Tim Gunn told New York Magazine that “Project Runway” will be filming at crème de la crème Fashion Week on Feb. 20.

Thanks Papa Gunn for giving us a reason to believe they’re “making it work.”

“Inauguration Station”
Can’t afford a trip to Washington, D.C. for the big inauguration? No problem.
The Disney-ABC Television Group will broadcast two presidential inaugural events — “Kids Inaugural: We Are the Future” on Jan. 19, a 90-minute concert in Washington (OMG! I hope the Jonas Bros. will be there! … ugh) and “Neighborhood Inaugural Ball,” on Jan. 20, President-elect Barack Obama’s first stop as Hottie in Chief, er, I mean, Commander in Chief.

“Paid for Sex in ‘The City?’”
"The City" — If you’ve been watching “The Hills” spin-off “The City,” well first of all, you’re like me and are a cheap sell for pretty people and drama-rama, but secondly, you probably have crafted an opinion of one Mr. Nevan Donahue. (Seriously, what kind of name is that? Rich people, who gets ‘em?)

The cousin of Blair-Waldorf-wanna-be Olivia Palermo (who’s a whole ‘nother issue) is in more heat than just his latest ranting about a fine for spitting on a subway. (Talk about Richie Rich giving it to the lower class.)

According to the NY Post: According to the clerk at the Palm Beach Courthouse, Donahue, 28, has a warrant out for his arrest for failing to meet terms of his probation after he was busted last year for trying to pick up a prostitute. Donahue was given probation and told to complete 75 hours of community service after his initial arrest. A warrant was put out for Donahue’s arrest after he failed to put in the hours.

Really? Him? Even sidestepping the obvious, um, seriously? Let’s see if his art dealer father can get him out of this one.

“Pushing Heroes with Daisies?”
OK, not really — the sheer physics of that is near impossible, but point being Swoosie Kurtz is reuniting with her former “Daisies” boss, Bryan Fuller, on “Heroes,” according to the Ausiello Files.

The actress will guest star in an April episode of “Heroes”, written by Fuller, himself.

Last words …
The 66th annual Golden Globe Awards air Sunday night and “American Idol” returns next week. Do we care? Meh, not really.

-- Sara Boyd,

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