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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Commercial Interruption: Beware of flaming arrows and dishwasher cutlery! It's the return of "Lost" ramblings!

Sometimes there's just too much television for one Channel Surfing blogger to handle. That's when we need a break to sit back, relax and indulge in some friendly back-and-forth (via email of course, we don't actually like to speak to one another in person). Thomas Rozwadowski and Adam Reinhard know WHAT they saw last night during "Lost's" Season 5 premiere, but WHEN they saw it is a whole different ball o' Dharma wax. Put on your "I Love Shi Tzu" T-shirt and grab some Hot Pockets. It's gonna be a bumpy ride.

Thomas: Where to begin, where to begin? Well, naturally with the intro of Dr. Chang-Halliwax-Wickmund-Candle and the skipping record. Not only was it a nice visual for the time flashes to come, but it all played nicely with the big Daniel Faraday as time jumper revelation at the end. I'm not embarrassed to say that I'm thoroughly, thoroughly confused -- as I think anyone would be when talking about time manipulation of the highest order.

So instead of dwelling on the confusing back-and-forth by Locke -- at least his Ethan gunshot explains why his legs gave out when Boone went to search the Eko drug plane -- and how it all fits with "the rules" and who's special, who isn't ... I'll just say that the island appears infinitely more interesting than the real world Oceanic Six stuff. The first episode was an out-of-control roller coaster with loads of expectation around the corner. A lot of that pacing changed -- and probably rightfully so with the human element of Hurley and his large moral center -- but man, I wanted it all to go back to island time: past, present and future.

I just don't want to get caught up in boring plot points for delaying the inevitable with Ben and the gang dragging Locke's body back to the island. But I have a feeling the wavering and bargaining will be heavy this season. Oh well, small price to pay to see flaming arrows through Frogurt's chest. Neil, we hardly knew ye.

Adam: Confused? Heck, I'm more confused than Chief Justice John Roberts reciting the inauguration oath. But I'm of the inclination to not overthink What It All Means, and trust in Team Darlton to carry me to the finish line in a basket like the devoted, slobbering infant I am. Do I have questions? Of course. Why, for example, wouldn't Ethan remember meeting Locke if he shot the man in the leg previous to posing as a 815 survivor? Ethan and Locke were hunting buddies -- was he under instructions by Richard, perhaps, not to give anything away? Was Ethan's chance run-in the reason Richard went to visit baby Locke in the first place, and the reason the Others seemed so enamoured of Locke toward the end of Season 3?

These questions run through my head, but then Hurley throws a Hot Pocket at Ben ... and I suddenly stop caring, and go back to simply enjoying my favorite show. There was so much to love last night for fans. The return of Ana Lucia ("Libby says hi"), Dr. Chang's baby crying at 8:15 a.m., Hurley's dad settling in to watch "Expose," Frogurt Flambe, Sawyer's desperate search for a shirt (which I have to believe was an intentional wink to the ladies watching), and frickin' Ms. Hawking the Time Lord Lady and her Giant Pendulum of Awesomeness. I love it all, and am willing to sit through the slower, non-island stuff, because it's all What It All Means to me.

Tom, do you think any of our 10 questions were answered last night to your satisfaction?

Thomas: Looking back at our 10 questions, I feel like we should ADD to them rather than feel the least bit secure that we're on the road to any kind of grand revelation in the short term. Heck, we could just make a 10 questions list about Faraday now. Actually, the island time question was given a foundation with last night's quick strikes showing the Eko drug plane landing and Desmond coming out of the hatch in full Hazmat gear. We know something wacky is happening, history will repeat itself in spurts, and that rules govern the ability to mess with the timeline in any meaningful way.

You mention Ethan not knowing Locke. Why doesn't Locke remember Richard and his special compass from that childhood meet-up? Do these special code words and items all fit with "The Constant" and Desmond's need to tell an unaware Faraday about Eloise? What will Desmond find this time in Oxford? Baffling.

Also, I'm fairly certain that Locke is not "dead" as Jeremy Bentham. Ben's pause when Jack asked him about baldie's fate kinda gives it away that the greater plan to return is all for the sake of Locke ... which could be related to Jacob's identity and subsequent confinement ... I dunno. I did think about Jacob a lot when the time shifting kept occurring. Those flashes were very reminiscent of the sporadic movement inside his magic cabin. I also thought the Ben-Jack conversation about Locke and whether either knew the fate of the island's "bad things" post-Oceanic Six exodus was highly revealing. "I guess we'll never know." Ben's such a wicked character. I know he's evil, yet I root for him anyways. He's on top of everything.

I'm with you on not trying to overthink things. I'm not about to speculate as to whether Ms. Hawking is Daniel's mother, or whether Willie Nelson records are the key to cracking the entire code. I am really interested in some type of scenario that puts the islanders in contact with Oceanic 815's crash on the island. Is this even possible? Will they be witness to events and be unable to change them? Lots of options.

How are you left feeling about this season's plot possibilities?

Adam: I get the feeling the plot field is wide open, as can happen when time travel is introduced as a serious storytelling device. But if the island keeps jumping back in time every 20 minutes or so, how far are we going to go? Are we eventually going to have Sawyer running shirtless through jungle, chased by a T-Rex? Or Locke playing backgammon with a caveman? I'm just saying, let's just hope the O6 get back to the island before Bernard starts cooking pterodactyl eggs.

But what I want to see, obviously, is a newly stranded Danielle and her crew (were they the ones threatening to lop off Juliet's hands and shooting off fire arrows?) and definitely the landing of the Black Rock. I want to know why Ben and potentially-Daniel's-mom have only 70 hours to get our heroes back. I read one theory that maybe the O6's arrival home created some kind of split alternate timeline that is slowly becoming untenable, and will eventually, you know, destroy reality altogether.

So that could be fun. At least more fun than falling onto a dishwasher full of knives.

But right now, I want to stay away from theories, spoilers, and heresy, as I think you would agree. I want to go in clean for every new episode, as there are only 30 or so left. Wherever "Lost" feels like going from now on, this is one devoted, slobbering infant that's along for the ride.

-- Thomas Rozwadowski, and Adam Reinhard,

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