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Friday, September 12, 2008

Who says self promotion is a bad thing?

Forget "The Office." Who cares about "30 Rock?" The biggest season premiere by far this year has got to be Season 2 of "The Insiders."

What is "The Insiders," you ask? What have you been living in a cave in Afghanistan for the last year?

"The Insiders" -- a weekly "show" that appears on our Web site -- is an interoffice hit, providing amusement on the dullest of Thursday mornings and we want you, beloved readers, to be similarly entertained.

You may say it's the best Packers-related, Green Bay-based miniseries to ever grace the Green Bay Press-Gazette's web site. Or the only, whatever.

In five minute or less episodes, this cast of misfits -- including Packers beat reporters Pete Dougherty and Rob Demovsky, sports editor Mike Vandermause (who could forget his Season 1 attempt at "Cranking Dat?") and assistant sports editor/producer Tom Pelissero -- take a stab at entertaining our readership or making giant asses of themselves, whatever comes first.

In Season 1, the cast showed tremendous growth from the initially awkward junior-high-Spanish-class skits to full-blown theatrical Oscar-worthy affairs (a reference, to, of course the episode in which they recreated "The Shining") that bookend each episode.

Season 2 has kicked off to a good start with an excellent parody of the Brett Favre retirement-unretirement debacle that just needed to be mocked. Plus, Packers reporter and friend of Channel Surfing Demovsky dreams he has hair . (See actual archived photo of Demovsky when he actually did have hair ... dated 12/4/1997.)

Our only complaint? They should really skip the boring middle part where they get all ESPN-y and talk about the Packers, although we do enjoy the laugh tracks from the fake audience. Here's a tip, perhaps the producers should consider including a timer in the corner that counts down the time they're talking about the Packers so the audience knows just how much sleep-inducing dialogue they have to sit through. At least for us in the 1.6 percent minority, who -- gasp! -- don't care about the Packers.

But for now, we all thank our lucky stars the return of "The Insiders" has come. We can only hope that this year's season will be as memorable as the first.

Watch the season premiere of "The Insiders" here.

Catch "The Insiders" every Thursday morning on

-- Sara Boyd, and Malavika Jagannathan,

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