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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Getting the boot -- ylicious

Oh "Project Runway" -- why do you hurt so good? As we're thrust into the center of yet another brilliant season of drama, floral prints and "Oh no she di'in'ts" it's time to recap and start picking faves.

Clearly, this is just too much for one blogger. So I've enlisted the help of a special guest to Channel Surfing, our awesome -- and fashionable -- education reporter, Miss Kelly McBride to join in on the fun. (Really, we were water-cooler discussing last night's "PR" and there was just so much good commentary being had, it needed to find its place in the blog.) So thanks to Kelly for weighing in on the double elimination that will surely help us pick the fashion faux pas from fashion couture.

Kelly McBride: It's my first-ever blog post entry and I'm so excited I'm pooping fabric!

Sara Boyd: The last time we blogged about the *tear* final season of "PR" on Bravo, things were just heating up and sewing machines had barely been threaded. Suede was only on his 20th reference of himself in the first person and Stella had only mentioned her love of using leather 80,000 times.

Kelly: Blayne was still tan. Jerrell was still dressed.

Sara: It was such a budding time.

Now, we find ourselves closer and closer to Fashion Week in Bryant Park with the top designers starting to shine and the fierce tranny messes beginning to be weeded out.

Let me just start off by saying overall, I haven't been overly impressed with this year's talent -- or so-called talent. The days of Christian Siriano and Michael Knight are a thing of the past. There's not one contestant this season that's been consistent -- both personality-wise and design-wise -- or that has made my jaw drop in awe of what just walked down the runway.

Kelly: Absolutely. During last night's "PR," I couldn't help thinking Mr. Sweet Suntan Blayne would have been gone eons ago if this were any other season. His fabric pooping Libra costume was merely the ugly stepchild of that horrid diaper creation from the first episode, yet it took more than half the season for his "Aufweidersehen." Maybe the producers kept him around as some sort of cruel experiment, just to see if he could survive sans tanning bed, like some sort of blondlicious anti-Dracula.

Sara: Well said.

And yes, while some designers still have us scratching our heads and wondering just what producer they're sleeping with to stay on the show, there are a few other designers who seem to be hitting their stride. Perhaps finally getting a clue and putting the work behind their concepts. Yes, I'm talking about Leanne. As mousy and weird as she may be, the girl can sew. She started the season off a little rough but the last few challenges made her a true champion -- first with her car parts, hip-loving leather sexy minidress and last week with her uber gorgeous navy ballgown. If she keeps this streak up, she'll have a great chance of making it to Fashion Week and dare I say, perhaps even taking the title. Last night, her interpretation of Scorpio was interesting, but not quite as Avant Garde as I thought she might do so we'll see if she's going to wow us again next week or blend in with the so-so crowd again.

Kelly: Leanne's transformation has been truly impressive. I thought she'd be gone in approximately episode two, yet here she is winning back-to-back challenges and receiving well-deserved high praise from the judges -- and none other than Diane Von Furstenburg. She's even coming out of her strange, mousy shell a bit -- sneaking around like a spy during the DVF fall collection challenge and otherwise just loosening up a little. I wonder if she wasn't just being camera shy? She didn't hit it out of the park last night but again created a solid, inspired look that was well-made and appropriate for the challenge. You certainly can't count her out. I'm also digging Korto, who I think has a good eye and an interesting design aesthetic. She's been consistently toward the top and I was absolutely wowed by the seatbelt coat she made during the car-parts challenge. Her blue flowy dress from last night was pretty but also not very Avant Garde. Nonetheless, she'll be a contender.

Sara: While I was glad the designers had a specific challenge with Zodiac signs, I was completely thrown by what some of them produced. For starters, Miss-I'm-better-than-everyone-including-you-Heidi-Klum Kenley completely missed the mark with her Alice in Wonderland costume. How is that in the least bit Aquarius? Kenley really needs to start taking the judges' criticism and stop opening her mouth. Her level of cockiness is nothing short of impressive. It's no longer confidence, it's pure arrogance. If she was smart, she'd stop sassing back -- especially to Miss Klum, who very likely could stop her career in its tracks if she wanted to. No amount of floral prints could save her then. I nearly laughed out loud when Kenley defended herself by saying she "doesn't look at other collections." Thank God for Michael Kors and his slap back to reality that simply stated, if you don't look at what other designers are doing, you will not be successful.

Kelly: Kenley was one of my favorite designers early on, but her utter conceit has made any appreciation for her talent nearly impossible. The boobs discussion with Heidi was so ridiculous I found myself yelling at the television. She's starting to emerge as the designer you love to hate, much like the devil-who-dare-not-speak-her-name from Top Chef Chicago. Sorry, had to go there.

Sara: You went there. And yes, there are similarities but who the devil loved to hate Lisa? I hated to hate her but hated her nonetheless. Or something.

I thought when Stella got the boot last week, I couldn't have been happier during an elimination. That all changed when Terri was kicked off last night. I used to enjoy her designs and really, she didn't bother me in the previous episodes. But man, she's joking about Stella being a witch? (In the opening she mocks, "ding, dong the witch is dead.") Her attitude toward her good intentioned assistant Keith may have crowned her the all-time biggest witch with a capital 'B' to ever grace the "PR" stage. I couldn't believe how rude she was -- and I'm a little surprised Keith didn't start up the water works again. For her to have the nerve to call Keith out during the elimination, claiming "he walked out on me" was completely ridiculous. It's hard to stick around when you're constantly being told to do nothing -- except maybe count the pins on the floor, Terri. All I have to say is, don't let the door hit you where the sun don't shine on your way out!

Kelly: I was never a huge Keith fan but the way Terri turned on him was unbelievable. Put her next to Kenley in the category of "designers I used to heart."

Sara: As much as I was hating on him early in the season, I was actually a little sad to see Blayne get the ol heave-ho. Perhaps it was fueled by my hopes of seeing Kenley pack her bags for outright disrespecting the judges, but even as annoying as his "licious"-ness got, I think he had the right intentions, just not the best executions. (Thank you again Mr. Kors for pointing out the fact his model appeared to be "pooping fabric.")

Kelly: In spite of myself, I too was a little sad to see Blayne go. At least we can look forward to the inevitable reunion show montage featuring his ever-fading tan in a successive series of neonlicious outtakes. Holla atcha boy, Blayne. Holla atcha boy.

Sara: Hopefully that montage will include the time he got Tim to say "Holla atcha boy." Classic.

The one gleaming ray of sunshine in last night's episode had to be the return of past Runway-ers, including my all-time favorite Christian Siriano and runner-up fav, Daniel Vosovic. Two designers that truly had style and earned the respect of their peers. Something a few of the current contestants may want to jot down as a note to self.

Kelly: Christian's cameo was FIERCE. Between that and the drag queen episode with fellow season 4-er Chris March, my nostalgia for those bygone days is at an all-time high. Speaking of Chris, it doesn't seem any of the Season 5 designers are very outside the box. I was at once delighted and horrified when Chris used human hair in the pre-Bryant Park episode -- but at least it was something different! Mad props, season 4.

Sara: So true. Though if anyone could be said to taking it "outside the box" I think it's Jerell. How can you not love this boy? And mad props for him in taking last night's victory. I'll be honest, I didn't quite understand where his design was going but with him, it doesn't matter. He's just too darn cute and such a team player. (How adorable was that to see him crying when two more contestants were sent home?) I think he's got great potential and every now and then really wows the judges. Sure, he misses the mark at times, but like he said last night he doesn't want to play it safe, he's out to wow. If the judges don't like it, at least he took a chance.

Only time, taste and tenacity will tell who will make it to the finals from this bunch of seemingly hit-or-miss contestants but for now, we can continue being thankful that the hot tranny messes and designer divas are gradually being weeded out.

Catch "Project Runway" at 8 p.m. Wednesdays on Bravo.

-- Sara Boyd,

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I think Tim's Take (

on this one is definitely worth checking out--apparently there was a lot of drama that had to get edited out.

By Blogger Eileen, At September 11, 2008 at 8:48 PM  

So I *finally* got around to watching this episode last night (this whole "work" thing needs to stop intefering with my PR nights), and I could not agree more with all that has been said.

I'm a huge Leanne fan, if only because homegirl has improved consistently and is producing some awesome stuff (I want that royal purple dress from the previous episode and WILL use my American Express account to get it my hands on it). Korto, Jerell and, yes, even big-headed Kenley are on emerging finalist group. However, I do think this group was not as strong as years past and, other than Jerell, no one is willing to push the envelope on anything.


By Blogger Press-Gazette blogger, At September 17, 2008 at 9:40 AM  

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