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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

It can't be over already?!

Unfortunately, we all knew the fun had to end eventually. Tonight and Thursday mark the season finale of the best dance show on television. Period. (Yeah, OK, so that might not be a contested race, but still ... ) "So You Think You Can Dance" will select from its Top 4 dancers, who America thinks can really bust a move. It's down to Twitch (the lovable no-lens-glasses-wearing hip-hop dancer), Joshua (the sans braces hip-hopper with a bootay), Katee (the contemporary wonder who can do no wrong in the judges' eyes) and Courtney (the Italiano lyrical dancer.)

Personally, I think any one of them could be crowned reigning dance phenom but if I had to throw my vote in the bucket, I'd go for Twitch. From the past seasons, we've seen it's not only the moves that will secure you a spot on the SYTYCD throne, it's all about personality. Benji was a great dancer, no doubt, but when it came down to him and Travis -- Travis was the clear winner if you're basing it solely on skills but Benji pulled ahead with his bubbly (albeit, sometimes annoying) personality. Last year, same thing. Even though not everyone loved Danny, the boy had moves and clearly, he's been shakin' his groove thang far longer than Sabra, but her squeaky, spunky charm won her the title. That's why this year, I think Twitch perfectly amplifies both camps. He's got the goofy, gold-tooth smile that gets the ladies and the solid hip-hop moves to impress the fellas. (Yes, the fellas watch, too ... they may not admit it but I know they do. I mean, really, how can you resist. It's too good!)

Whatever happens tonight, I just hope they leave us with an exciting finale. Last season, the final episode was so-so at best. Then again, I think it may have been difficult to top the infamous "Sexyback" dance of two seasons ago. Lesson learned: A finale with Wade Robson is a tough act to follow. And since he's been a no-show for all of this season, here's hoping Tabitha and Napoleon or Mia Michaels are ready to wow us.

Even though I'm still reeling from Will's departure from the show a few episodes ago, I'm pretty satisfied with the talent that awaits us in the Top 4. Katee had a rocky start on the show, nearly being picked over when she said she wouldn't try out again if she didn't make it this year, but progressed and has arguably been one of the strongest dancers. Some may argue having Joshua as a partner makes anyone look good, but I think she's proven herself and definitely won over the judges with her contemporary stylings.

Courtney is also a top contender in the judges' eyes -- though let's be honest, a lot of the praise centers around how she looks in those skimpy salsa outfits. Between her and Chelsie (the blonde latin dancer who got the boot last week) I would have rather seen Chelsie in the Top 4. Courtney's a great dancer but something about her mouth-gaping smile kind of irks me. And I think I really only liked her with Gev -- once he was gone, so was the magic.

Joshua has been a stand-out from the beginning and not because he's been the most noticeable or the biggest personality, but really Nigel said it best -- you have to absolutely be astonished by him because he hasn't had any classical training. And then when it comes to the style he's perfected, it's just brilliant. Plus you gotta love his junk in the trunk in those spandex pants. I think his fan -- club comprised of his family -- also makes him a fun contestant to watch, although, his father's homemade shirts of his son without a shirt are quite creepy.

Whatever the outcome, I know it will be a difficult decision. Any one of these dancers are headed for success, no matter who comes out No. 1. Thankfully for us, it will be a fun time to see the top dancers give their all for a final time.

Tune in to "So You Think You Can Dance" at 7 p.m. tonight on FOX for a special two-hour performance of your favorite foursome. Then check out Thursday night's results show to see who wins it all at 7 p.m. on FOX.

-- Sara Boyd,



Ah, I'm so glad you posted about this. I would have been happy seeing anyone except Courtney win (nothing against Courtney, I just didn't think she was as good as the others and I also would have rather seen Chelsea in the top 4, if just for the fact that she was the only ballroom dancer in there and a rockin one at that). I too thought Twitch was a likely pick and I liked them both a lot but am happy that Joshua got it.

By Blogger Eileen, At August 9, 2008 at 7:31 PM  

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