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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The wait is over

For "Sex and the City" fans, it's been a long, loooong four years. While the 2004 season finale wrapped everything up nicely in a Chanel bow, I couldn't help but wonder ... is this really the end? Then a few years ago, the show's producers dangled the idea of a movie in front of our sex-hungry faces, and just like that it was out like last season's Manolo's (with rumors our favorite foursome couldn't agree on how to bring sexy back, in the city).

But now, the wait is finally over. "Sex and the City" hits the big screen Friday (with midnight premieres at select theaters) and the anticipation is four years in the making. The sequel to the six glorious seasons of "love gained, love lost, girlfriends remain" could have the potential to either leave fans with an everlasting appreciation of the show at its best, or wish the last thought of our fabulous four would've been walking out of the coffee shop per the HBO hit's finale.

Whatever the outcome, the expectations are high and the anticipation great. A movie more or less four years in the making deserves a true preview of all of the glitz, the glam, the fashion, the sex and, of course, the city.

When we last left the girls, Carrie and Mr. Big (aka: John) were back together (Big declares Carrie as "the one"), Miranda was settling in to her new life in Brooklyn (which includes life with Steve's mother), Charlotte was finally becoming a mother (anticipating picking up her new baby girl from China) and Samantha realized monogamy isn't such a bad thing after all. The movie takes place, appropriately so, four years later.

While the show itself has gone through a few transitions (remember in the beginning when they used to talk to the camera? Awful!), it's important that the core remains the same in this film -- the core being that true love may not be what you pictured it to be, life is full of surprises and at the end, if you don't have your true friends by your side, you don't have anything.

Since the first day the film began shooting, rumors started to fly on what was going to happen. Will Carrie and Big truly tie the knot or will it become the millionth and harshest break-up of all? Will Samantha stay faithful or fall to her old ways? Is Miranda's seemingly happy family in Brooklyn as strong as it appears? Is Charlotte's lifelong quest for the perfect, fairytale ending finally here?

Though bloggers (damn them!) and entertainment mags alike have already splashed movie spoilers throughout the web, I'm hoping to be able to hold out on knowing any details until I see it for myself. But it seems that may be nearly impossible. Through the promotions of this film, I've already learned far more than I wanted. And that's just from watching trailers. But I'm confident in the show's brilliant writers and that whatever has already been revealed is just the tip of the iceberg.

I'm hoping for surprises, laughs and of course, what would the final chapter of a "Sex and the City" book be without a few tears. When the show started it was edgy, racy and controversial because of its content, its nudity and of course, its constant storyline between the sheets. But what the show has become is so much more. Women, and men (I know a few who admit it), have found a presence of Mecca through the show in its high standards for friendship, high-class fashion and never-fading freedom to discuss any and everything seen as forbidden in the public realm.

Fans of the show characterize themselves with the four friends, describing themselves as a bold and daring "Samantha" or a prim and proper "Charlotte." Supporting characters like Manolo Blahnik shoes, cosmopolitans or flower accessories have become societal icons thanks to the shows obsession with all three.

Thanks to in-depth coverage of the show's past, present and movie's future by Entertainment Weekly (see here), we know that fashion icons of Carrie's past and present are in full fashionista mode. Precious tributes to some of Carrie's best looks (and arguably what is sometimes most memorable from certain shows) make a cameo in the movie, including the infamous tu-tu of the show's opening and flower pins of great proportions.

However there are new faces and new journeys to be explored as the show tackles a 148-minute extended version on the silver screen. Jennifer Hudson jumps on board to play Carrie Bradshaw's love-hungry assistant, Samantha and Smith try to adjust to sex in another city - Los Angeles - and Carrie leaves her famous studio apartment for a much needed upgrade to a downtown penthouse.

There's plenty in store for even the non-fan to potentially enjoy. But for this fan, in true "Sex and the City" fashion, I'm making a night of the long-awaited viewing. I, along with fellow fans - including fellow Channel Surfer Malavika Jagannathan, are taking in the experience with high-class dining (well for Green Bay, anyway), cosmos and our best "Sex and the City"-like couture.

Catch the "Sex and the City" movie in theaters Friday, then log back on to Channel Surfing on Monday to hear our thoughts on the "Big" show.

-- Sara Boyd,

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