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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Marcia, Marcia, Marcia has 'Gone Country'

Bad reality TV is about to hit high gear after the first of the year, but only one new series promises a Twisted Sister and a Brady sister connection in the same show. And yes, we're talking about the popular Brady sister: Marcia, Marcia, Marcia.

"The Brady Bunch's'' Maureen McCormick has signed on to CMT's "Gone Country,'' debuting Feb. 25. John Rich -- the less-annoying half of annoying country novelty act Big & Rich, hosts the seven-episode series that takes "seven established performers'' (a nice way to put it) and immerses them in all things country for a shot at becoming country music's next big thang.

You know where this is going ... Not only will each celeb have to work with a pair of Nashville songwriters to come up with a hit song -- too sensible -- they'll also have to learn how to get a handle on the country lifestyle. There will be challenges, like frying up a Southern meal and ATV off-roading. That's what we like to hear -- high embarrassment potential.

And your so-called celeb contestants are ...
Dee Snider: Twisted Sister frontman and VH1's go-to-guy for anything '80s.
Bobby Brown: Professional bad reality TV shill.
Diana DeGarmo: "American Idol'' Season 3 loser, er, runner-up.
Carnie Wilson: Weight-embattled singer formerly of Wilson Phillips.
Julio Iglesias Jr.: No clue. Obviously, Julio's kid, but we thought that was Enrique? Apparently this one is a Spanish pop singer, too.
Sisqo: R&B singer to blame for: "She had dumps like a truck truck truck/Thighs like what what what/Baby move your butt butt butt'' from 2000's "Thong Song.''

You go, Maureen! Ride that reality TV hot streak that won you VH1's "Celebrity Fit Club'' this summer. Put some banjo and pedal steel into a remake of "It's a Sunshine Day,'' get Davy Jones to do a twangy guest vocal and proclaim "Oh my nose!'' during at least one of the physical challenges, and the title is all yours, hon.



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