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Friday, November 30, 2007

America chooses "Beauty and the Geek" winner. Let’s hope there’s no recount.

This week's pre-finale episode of "Beauty and the Geek" revealed that this season would tap into that age-old reality TV gimmick of letting "America pick the winner."

Drunk on my newfound power, I logged onto yesterday - and after downloading the 46487 components my computer needed to load the page - my giddiness was stonewalled when I realized I had no clue which couple I wanted to vote for.

With himbo "Sam" - yes, I believe that is the only way to describe the smooth-talking narcissist who starred in "Little Giants" - paired with awkward musicologist Nicole - this season’s wrench in the "Beauty" formula as the female geek, it was definitely a one-way street. Did Sam really learn anything other than that his preciously manicured looks wouldn't always help him out in the end even though they probably will because life is intolerably cruel and unfair? On the other hand, Jasmine and Dave are your typical pairing, the airhead nanny and the role-playing geek. Been there, done that. Choosing them is like picking a stereotype.

Not to break Ashton Kutcher's great "social experiment" up, but in the end, we all stick to our own. I voted for Nicole and Sam because, well, I was hoping the fourth season would finally get away from the girl beauty-guy geek formula. The pairing had its weirdness - Sam's acting background, for one - but since this season was all about radical changes, I figured why not go with the non-stereotypical choice.

OK, so you didn't get to pick the winner, but you can still watch the entire season here before Tuesday night's final finale airs on the CW at 7 p.m.

Writers Strike Update: There hasn't been a whole lot on the strike since negotiations resumed Monday, but that's probably because of the media blackout. Last night the news surfaced that there's an offer on the table from the producers to the tune of $130 million extra pay for new media distribution over three years. Talks continue Tuesday, but as suggested in this NY Times article, the writers' guild is at best lukewarm to this offer. Read the complete statements from both sides at EW, if you can stomach the industry jargon.

--Malavika Jagannathan,

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