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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Why Am I Still Watching "NYC Prep?"

Since people reacted so, umm, favorably to my last "NYC Prep" post, I figured I would tickle the hits machine with another one.

First of all, I hate myself for loving this show, but I seriously can't stop watching it. Sadly, I might be the only one. Nielsen ratings haven't been too kind to the show, though, because it's averaging below 1 million views each week. This is tragic news because in the past six episodes, these silly, self-absorbed nitwits have said and done some outrageously funny things that deserve to be caught on television for posterity and can't be repeated on this family-friendly blog.

For you non NYC-Preppers, let me briefly catch you up. So far, we've learned that P.C. is incredibly impatient, probably gay, sooooo totally over high school and, oh, drops the "c" word on a dime. Unfortunately ugly bff Jessie loves fashion, hates posers, loves and hates P.C., loves Operation Smile, hates P.C's new friends, loves her new internship, hates P.C. etc. In the world's most boring hookup, public schooler Taylor sort of dated Sebastian (aka Quasimodo), then dumped him for her fellow plebeian Cole. Kelli auditions for various singing coaches. Camille doesn't want a boyfriend, but doesn't mind hooking up with guys she doesn't like and, oh, did I mention Sebastian/Quasimodo flips his hair.

There, you are now officially CAUGHT up!

I still stand by my original assessment that this show is repulsive, but why is something this bad so good?

You know you want to watch this show! Catch "NYC Prep" at 8 p.m. on Bravo on Tuesdays.

--Malavika Jagannathan,



Your addiction to this horrifying show must be stopped! Go find yourself a 12 step program or something. Oh, and could you let me know when you do? I can't seem to stop DVRing Jon & Kate Plus Eight ...

By Anonymous mary, At August 4, 2009 at 6:51 PM  

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