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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The new "Lost" videos you HAVE to see

I thought it might be awhile before another "Lost" post, but after the show's Comic-Con panel, there's more excitement than ever for January 2010.

After all, if I had to pick one reason why the show is so beloved among its fans, it's original videos like the following.

Seriously, what other TV series puts this much effort into creating a separate universe away from the show's actual episodes? And sure, it can be tough to keep up with all the online extras -- god knows I haven't been able to -- but "Lost's" creative minds not only have a great sense of humor about its mythology, they know how to continually ramp up excitement for the show's intricate mysteries.

For the entire San Diego Comic-Con panel, check out Doc Arzt's blog. Otherwise, enjoy these three must-see videos that dangle a few choice carrots.

Hurley's Mr. Cluck commercial: Very funny and lighthearted, just like the big guy himself. Love the Australian accent, mate. But does this hint at an alternate universe taking place in Season 6?

"America's Most Wanted, Kate Austen edition": Another spoof video that seems like a fun stab at synergy until you get to the big reveal at the end. Gasp! "Lost" fans have to watch this one. And again, more alternate universe seed planting?

"Mysteries of the Universe:" The best of the lot. This video takes the form of a cheesy '80s documentary-style show called "Mysteries of the Universe." Man, I keep waiting for John Davidson to appear as host. Seriously. This stunning gem would only be creepier if Robert Stack had done the voice-over. Can't wait for more installments on these eccentric Dharma folks.

Just. Plain. Awesome.

Take note: the five-part series will air at on August 4, September 8, October 15 and November 16.

-- Thomas Rozwadowski,



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