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Friday, April 24, 2009

"Anchorman" vs Wild

Sweet Lincoln's mullet!

Will Ferrell clearly must have been a boy scout. Either that, or he placed a lot of trust in "Man vs. Wild" host Bear Grylls for an upcoming installment of the Discovery Channel series.

According to, Ferrell filmed an episode of "Man vs. Wild" in Sweden's ice-bound mountain ranges, and yes, even enjoyed some urine and reindeer eyeballs for dinner. And here you thought milk was a bad choice.

Having only watched one episode of the series before -- one in which Grylls almost went blind and had to subsist on snake urine in stifling heat -- I can safely say that the dude goes all out for his self-induced trials and tribulations. So you can imagine the uncomfortable but amusing scene -- Ron Burgundy tandem-abseiling off a helicopter, rappelling down hundred-foot frozen waterfalls and making snow shoes from saplings during a 48-hour sojourn with crazyman Grylls.

"Will did an amazing job in subzero, very unforgiving conditions," Grylls told People. "He should be very proud of how he performed."

"He trusted me when it mattered and we survived."

Ah, that Bear Grylls. He's like a miniature Buddha. That drinks urine.

Ferrell's episode of "Man vs. Wild" will air the first week of June on Discovery, coinciding with his "Land of the Lost" debut in theaters.

-- Thomas Rozwadowski,

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