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Friday, December 26, 2008

In the year ... 2009

New year. New hope.

The Channel Surfing staff chimes in with its TV-related hopes for 2009 as a lackluster calendar year draws to a close ...

That if the rumored death of a “Brothers & Sisters’’ character can’t be Tommy (a.k.a. “the lame Walker’’), it can at least be that pathetic excuse for a mustache he’s been sporting.

That “24’’ rewards fans who suffered through a sub par Season 6 (it was torture all right) and a painful writers’-strike delay by delivering a season that proves both worth the wait and worthy of bringing Tony Almeida back from the “dead.’’

That “ER’’ redeems itself for botching the return of Dr. Mark Greene by somehow getting George Clooney’s Dr. Doug Ross to show up in the final season to remind us why we’re still watching.

That “Desperate Housewives’’ doesn’t stumble on the invigorating skip down Wisteria Lane it has been on ever since this season’s five-year flash forward has given it glorious new life.

That somebody gives us sentimental saps missing the likes of “Gilmore Girls,’’ “Everwood,’’ “Once & Again’’ and “Party of Five’’ a sweet family drama with a little heart.

-- Kendra Meinert

That somehow, some way, “The Office” slaps itself upside the head and starts producing actual comedy once again.

That the new “Flight of the Conchords” season is everything we’ve been hoping for and more — especially after that enticing early premiere on Funny or Die.

That Spencer from “The Hills” is shot by Heidi’s family, placed in a coma, and ultimately “unplugged” by Mrs. Montag-Pratt herself.

That, please for the love of God, a new season of “Project Runway” airs … somewhere.

That 2009 will be the year people finally stop watching “Grey’s Anatomy” for good, leaving Whiney McWhinerson Meredith — with her immense self-absorption and hair wispiness — completely alone.

-- Sara Boyd

That renewed clarity on “Lost” delivers a memorable, time-bending fifth season with Ben, Locke, Faraday and Desmond front and center.

That a Barack Obama administration doesn’t keep cable TV’s best satirists like Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert and Bill Maher from doing what they do best — skewering politicians for the sake of comedy, not partisanship.

That the Green Bay Packers consider an offer from HBO to film “Hard Knocks” during training camp. Ted Thompson will never let it happen — just look at what the cameras did for the Dallas Cowboys’ disappointing season — but no other show on TV can humanize professional athletes like the documentary series. Plus, it’d be cool to play “spot the camera crew” in random Green Bay locations.

That “Life on Mars” builds on the promise of its “Twin Peaks”-ian cliffhanger and trades in the Hallmark cheesiness for some darker entry points into Sam’s murky coma-induced/time travelin’ past. The “Mars” cast is far too talented to waste on such weak writing.

That rumors of an “Arrested Development” movie become reality, but only if the original cast and crew are all present. Need a few extra bucks to make it happen? Remember, there’s always money in the banana stand.

-- Thomas Rozwadowski

That Harvey Weinstein and NBC Universal get their collective fabrics together and give “Project Runway” a new home on any channel. Or Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum could always “go rogue.”

That “Pushing Daisies” creator Bryan Fuller either revives the festering sore that is “Heroes” or gives it a quick and easy death it truly deserves.

That “Mad Men” doesn’t falter in its third season after a brilliant and critically-beloved start in seasons 1 and 2 (hint: keep Joan, Betty and Peggy in the center of the storylines).

That even though “The Wire” is no longer alive on television, alums of the show continue to pop-up on networks with regularity in 2009 (and not, say, in “Punisher: War Zone”).

That someone — anyone, really – creates a show with the pop-and-zing writing of “The West Wing” and “Gilmore Girls” because the void in smart television is painfully obvious and obviously painful.

-- Malavika Jagannathan



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