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Friday, November 14, 2008

Ryan off 'The Office'?

It's true. Ryan Howard, played by "Office" actor-writer B.J. Novak, is leaving his post as fill-in Pam for greener pastures. Well, at least for now -- and this time not to the slammer.

Entertainment Weekly is reporting the following:

Novak is taking a leave of absence from the show to appear in Quentin Tarantino's latest film, "Inglourious Basterds." NBC declined to comment, but a Peacock insider says Novak asked producers for the time off and they obliged. But exactly how much time off he'll be getting is subject to some debate.

According to one insider, Novak will be MIA for "several episodes" but will return later this season. Another source, however, says Novak may be done with "The Office" for good, at least as a performer.

I say good riddance. I think it's time for Ryan to go. I mean, let's be honest he barely has a role on the show now. It appears the writers -- Novak included -- aren't sure what to make of Ryan's character post-lock down. Once Ryan returned after his stint behind bars, it really seemed as though they didn't know what he should be. He started as the quiet "temp," appropriately weirded out by his new boss Michael Scott's antics but then slowly and a bit menacingly took the reigns as corporate's newest stooge. Before we knew it, he was Ryan the "coke addict" and then Ryan the orange jumpsuit prisoner.

Now, he's this Ryan "my life has turned a new leaf" and he's all part of the team and into Kelly Kapoor again and blah, blah, blah. Frankly, there's no where for his character to go from here except, well, off the show.

So, thank you Ryan Howard. We've enjoyed your presence on the show and we'll always remember your temp-like ways. All together now, one more time to the "Fire Guy" ...

"Ryan started the fire ... it was always burning, since the world's been turning. Ryan started the fire. Joe McCarthy, Richard Nixon, Studebaker, television, North Korea, South Korea, Marilyn Monroe ... Ryan started the fire!"

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Maybe now they'll FINALLY update those opening credits.


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