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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

PR Power Poll Week 7

Holiday joy aside, the two weeks without "Project Runway" were downright depressing, especially with Bravo's incessant and teasing marathons. But if last week's episode - in which contestants had to create a look from any or all materials found at the Times Square Hershey's store - was any indication, the show is back with a vengeance.

Elisa's booting was a bit overdue, but also sad in that she'll never fulfill her crazy potential. Plus, I really like hearing people use the term "avant-garde."

At any rate, here's a quick and dirty PR Power Poll for Week 7.

The Losers (so far)
Jack (medical conditions forced his departure and Chris' return)

The Santino Rive Division
Christian: Talented, sure, but a total pain in the derriere.

Blood, Sweat, But Mostly Tears
Ricky: He will never break out of this category, although he showed remarkable restraint on the waterworks and actual talent in last week's episode. If he holds off the salty substance two weeks in a row, I'll consider moving him up to the "Finally Discovered Prozac Division."

The Blah Division
Sweet P: OK, so she had to rip her design to shreds and start over. Too bad it sucked. Both times. With fellow crazy Elisa not there to take the heat anymore, she will be on the front lines at judging time.
Victorya: She was boring and she defended it. Lame.

Dark Horse Potential
Chris: His designs have been slammed for being too cartoonish, but his strapless mini with the Hershey's logo was fantastic.

Safe and consistent
Kit: Still nothing to write home about.

The Contenders
Jillian: Seriously, a dress made out of Twizzlers. What's not to like? I say this not just because I have an unnatural love for those red delicious vines of joy, but because her dress was PR at its finest.
Rami: The first contestant this season to win two challenges, I think Rami may soon need a category of his own ala the New England Patriots.
Kevin: A bit on the safe side, but his brown silver dress was well received.

My prediction for tonight's episode: It's Auf Wiedersehen for Sweet P. Unless Ricky returns to his weepy ways. (If you're counting, my record so far is 0-1 since I started this poll. Oh well.)

"Project Runway" airs on Bravo at 9 p.m. on Wednesdays.

-- Malavika Jagannathan,

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