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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Would Obama dare mess with the "Lost" premiere?

And you thought Sawyer was upset when Locke's dad revealed that his con helped kill little James Ford's ma and pa?

The Internet is rampant with irate speculation that President Obama may be pushing his State of the Union address back to Feb. 2 -- a direct conflict with ABC's three-hour premiere of "Lost: The Final Flippin' Season."

And of course, the only way to channel that kind of Jack Shephard-like
pill-and-booze fueled anger is to ... (yawn) start a Facebook group.

According to the AP,
Facebook fans have already rallied as a unit called “Americans Against the State of the Union on the Same Night as LOST". Let the angry comments commence! (For the record, AATSOTUOTSNAL makes for a clunky acronym.)

Really though, this whole controversy might be a false alarm -- you know, kinda like when everyone thought Locke was dead, but then he really wasn't dead, but actually, he was dead and just re-incarnated in a host body as the dude who eventually convinced Ben to stab Jacob. Yeah ... just like that.

Still, this potential Obama switcheroo at the cost of "Lost" sounds like something those dirty Others would concoct. Then again, the AP is reporting that the White House has yet to confirm when Obama will actually speak, though TV Guide is saying only two dates are still in play -- Jan. 26 or Feb. 2.

Also, an ABC spokesman wouldn’t confirm whether the network would consider moving the "Lost" premiere, but it would seem pretty radical to not air the State of the Union address, no matter how much "Lost" promotion has already been done (and how much unnecessary standing and clapping takes place during that colossal snore-fest).

If Obama wants Feb. 2 -- and after all, he is our socialist dictator -- then Feb. 9 seems a likely destination for our favorite island dwellers to start grapplin' with that whole bomb detonation headache.

Honestly though, if the Prez does decide that he wants to talk about health care, mid-term elections and other non-important stuff on Feb. 2, well, he better just hope I don't hand-feed him to the smoke monster, or at the very least, sick Sayid Jarrah: Bad-Ass Interrogator on his trail (for the record, if any Secret Service members are reading this, that's not an actual threat. If it's construed as such, well, fellow "Lost" die-hard Adam Reinhard made me write it.)

Seriously, Obama. Do the right thing. Pre-empt "American Idol" on Jan. 26 instead.

Don't think I won't vote for Mitt Romney in 2012.

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The reason for the February date is that the administration wants to wait for the Health Care bill to be passed by the Senate and signed. The later date is for if, you know, the Senators dawdle over it. Perhaps it would behoove "Lost" fans to get on the phones to their legislators!


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