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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

TV Potpourri: Fall Premieres, "Star Trek" anniversary, Time Warner Cable

Looking for an easy one-stop shop for your Fall Premiere queries?

Look no further than Michael Ausiello at Entertainment Weekly, who has assembled a nice cheat sheet here.

These are the premieres you can look forward to for the rest of the week and early next week, by the way:

Wednesday: "America’s Next Top Model," 7 p.m. (The CW), "So You Think You Can Dance," 7 p.m. (Fox), "Glee," 8 p.m. (Fox)

Thursday: "Supernatural," 8 p.m. (The CW), "The Vampire Diaries," 7 p.m. (The CW)

Saturday: "America’s Most Wanted," 8 p.m. (Fox), "Cops," 7 p.m. (Fox)

Monday: "Gossip Girl," 8 p.m. (The CW), "The Jay Leno Show," 9 p.m. (NBC), "Lincoln Heights," 7 p.m. (ABC Family), "One Tree Hill," 7 p.m. (The CW)

Tuesday: "The Biggest Loser," 7 p.m. (NBC)

-- It's "Star Trek's" 43rd anniversary this week. So, don your Vulcan ears and prepare to go where no man has gone before. Check out this cool "then and now" photo gallery from the Chicago Tribune comparing this summer's "Star Trek" movie to the original TV show.

-- I never thought I'd thank Time Warner Cable. Until now.

Two nights ago, in between bouts of tennis watching, I ventured above channel 100 -- a territory I rarely visit due to what I thought were the constraints of my standard cable package. Lo and behold, I discovered that not only can I access these channels, but they also include favorites like BBC America, The N and Toon Disney. Am I hallucinating? Will I be able to add to "Monty Python's Flying Circus" and "Degrassi: The Next Generation" to my useless TV repertoire? Will Time Warner read this post and downgrade my cable?

Stay tuned...

-- Malavika Jagannathan,

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Don't forget GSN where you can watch Richard Dawson sexually assault timid, female contestants on Match Game. Also, G4 with Web Soup, The Soup's shorter, yet equally funny step-sibling.

By Blogger Ms. Quarter, At September 16, 2009 at 1:25 PM  

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